Line of Duty fans’ minds blown as they realise Lomax is Flip in This is England

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As the final episode of hit show Line of Duty nears, fans are still trying to find clues pointing to bent coppers.

Some viewers even reckon DS Chris Lomax is working for the OCG (Organised Crime Gang) after being overheard saying he was meeting a colleague in the Red Lion pub, which was linked to suspect Terry Boyle.

But now, some are turning their attention to where they recognise the actor who plays DS Lomax from.

Perry Fitzpatrick has been on our screens since he was a teenager, first appearing in a 2000 episode of Peak Practice.

The 6ft 2ins actor hails from Nottingham, like co-star Vicky McClure, with whom he also starred in the hit drama I Am in 2019.

Other appearances have included the character TDC Gary Roscoe in Suspects, Officer Harper in Man Like Mobeen.

And Line of Duty isn’t the first time he has appeared in a major series. Fitzpatrick played a guard in the first series of Peaky Blinders and was also in Downton Abbey in 2019.

But Line of Duty fans are now suddenly realising where they recognise him from and it’s blowing their minds.

Fitzpatrick played Flip in the This is England mini series, although viewers might be excused for not immediately spotting him as he looked very different.

Dressed for the part in the series about the 80s and 90s, Flip sported short hair and a tracksuit in This is England ’86, which featured a gang fight scene with the actor now playing DS Lomax.

Fitzpatrick is even less recognisable in This Is England ’90 with his thin moustache, highlighted hair and stonewashed jeans.

‘Everytime I see Lomax, I can’t help but think of him as Flip from This Is England talking about ‘sniff banging’,’ said one fan on Twitter.

‘Hard to believe that Flip from This is England is now an accomplished policeman,’ commented another surprised viewer.

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