Line of Duty star warns fans to ‘be prepared’ in Kate, Steve and Ted finale clue

Line of Duty actor Craig Parkinson, who played the dastardly villain the Caddy – also known as Dot – on the BBC cop show, dropped some major hints on BBC Breakfast today about the season six finale.

Asked by presenter Charlie Stayt what he wanted his final words to fans to be, having already seen the final episode himself, Craig delivered an alarming warning about Ted Hastings (Adrian Dunbar), Kate Fleming (Vicky McClure) and Steve Arnott (Martin Compston).

For fans hoping the original trio would remain intact and unscathed as the drama hurtles to a dramatic conclusion, it doesn’t seem possible given Craig’s response.

He said carefully: "Well it’s not really a thought, it’s more – if you’ve been invested since season one and emotionally invested in our main trio of Kate, Steve and Ted then yeah um, be prepared on Sunday.

"I would say be prepared."

"Oh that’s quite a thought," a startled Naga Munchetty exclaimed.

Charlie quickly shut down any further spoilers coming out, as he said: "Just leave that one hanging out there, there you go."

The actor was also asked if he’d had any clues over whether the show would return for a season seven – as it hasn’t yet been confirmed.

"Who knows. I tried to grill Jed the other day when I was talking to him if there was gonna be more," he replied. "And yeah, he kept his cards very close to his chest."

Fans were terrified after Craig’s ominous words on the programme today.

One person cried: "NnnnnnnnnnnnnnOoooooooooooooooo! I see trouble ahead!?"

"Maybe #H is all 3 of them," another guessed.

A third posted next to a meme of Anna Carmichael: "When Craig Parkinson keeps starting the day with violence which has resulted in everyone thinking either Steve, Kate or Ted dies."

While a fourth feared: "Unless Craig Parkinson is trying to throw us, I can only take what he said in that interview as one of 2 things – one of them dies, or one of them is H."

Craig also left another bombshell when he told Backstage he thinks the Line of Duty finale will "break some hearts".

Piecing the two clues together, it seems the fans could be right, but rather than one of the core trio being a member of the OCG – perhaps it would be a fantastic twist for all three of them to be inside, working together.

If they were secretly in the group all along, they could have been undercover the entire time, and stealthily infiltrated information from the corrupt coppers throughout the hugely popular crime drama.

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