London Mayor candidate Drillminister fuming with Eamonn Holmes’ awkward blunder

Eamonn Holmes made an awkward blunder when introducing London Mayoral candidate Drillminister on today's This Morning.

The balaclava-wearing rapper joined presenter Matthew Wright for a news segment – but This Morning host Eamonn messed up the introductions.

Eamonn said: "Matthew Wright, as if he wasn't enough trouble, joined alongside him the man in the mask is called Drillmaster, which is his real name."

Drillminister interrupted to confirm his name, which he changed by deed poll, shouting: "Live TV and Eamonn does this to me."

Red-faced Eamonn claimed there could be a Drillmaster out there – and later on Ruth made the same gaffe and blamed her husband.

The masked rapper is trying to raise £20,000 to run for Mayor of London – but hates politics because "all politicians are liars"

When asked if he could run without revealing his identity, Drillminister said: "There's no legislation policy that says I can’t. It's totally legal. The great democracy of Britain."

Explaining his centrist position, he added: "I believe the right is very corporate and not for the little man and the left are arguing about toilets. I’m in the middle. I’m for the people."

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The South London native is getting ready to begin his political career in the run-up to May's election and will need to submit his application at the end of March.

Drillminister, who insists he is only the person in the race who truly represents Londoners, wants to raise £10,000 "organically" through the public.

When asked if he would ever take off the mask, he said: "Only if I create an opinion poll and London decides they want a fully-faced Mayor. It's a radicalisation.

"I really hate politics. I want to present people. I think politicians are liars."

Drillminister was then asked for his opinion on whether Boris Johnson should visit flood victims.

The rapper said: "To be honest the Prime Minister hasn’t really taken the empathy route when it comes to the country even when he was running for the election.

"I didn’t see him going o many places. He only went to key places he knew he’d win. That tells a tale of what his time in office will be.

"I don't think visiting people that are flooded will help him connect with people.

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