Loose Women Carol McGiffin’s raciest sex confessions as star turns 60

Straight talking Carol McGiffin is no stranger to publicly discussing her sex life.

The Loose Women panelist, who turned 60 today, has often confidently opened up about the raunchy situations she found herself in throughout the years.

Living up to her job title, Carol tends to giggle about her endeavours on the ITV show among her panelist pals as they gush about their dirtiest secrets.

And, as a result, the panel has provided a space for women to open up about discussing taboo subjects of this nature.

From losing her virginity to a man she said was a "troll", to not being too keen on when a former partner whipped out a cucumber, Carol's bedroom antics are just as adventurous as the rest of her life. And good on her!

So as Carol rings in her 60th, naturally in style, we take a look at her raciest confessions.

Out-of-bounds sex

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At one point during her youth, Carol found herself hilariously doing the dirty in some risky locations according to an admission on Loose Women.

It was two years ago whilst speaking on the panel when Carol opened up about the cheeky secret.

“I’ve got a terrible habit of wanting to have sex while trespassing,” she said on air.

“Not now, when I was younger I used to break into places and have sex with people.

“So one time we broke into the grounds of a church. I know it’s really naughty.”

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The panelists naturally wanted to press for more details before she explained where the antics took place.

She said: “The graveyard. We got chased by the police because someone reported us. That was the brush with the law.”

But, it wasn't as steamy as some might think, as she added: “It was the worst sex ever because he was really short and he wasn’t really interested. I don’t even think he wanted to have sex with me. I was like, ‘come on, let’s do it.’"

Best friend sex

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In yet another epic episode, Carol was debating whether men and women could ever really just be "friends".

She obviously had her own reasons for wondering whether it was possible, because of her experiences in the matter.

"Well because… I actually had lots of straight, male friends when I was younger," she began during the show.

"And I probably ended up sleeping with every single one of them."

She went on to justify her cheeky antics by saying her friendships tended to remain intact even after they went to the next step.

A lot of sex

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Although Carol faced a seven-year period of celibacy before she met toyboy Mark Cassidy, who then went on to become her husband, in the past she has also had some intense rendez-vous.

When she was 40, Carol admitted she went "stark raving bonkers", and really let loose with her romances and even impulsive purchases, such as a fancy car.

"It was like I was a teenager again, I was a sex maniac," she told The Mirror, as she recounted turning 40.

This admission certainly begs the question: what she will say about turning 60?

More than one partner sex

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In another uncovered sex secret, Carol even told the Loose Women that she once had a threesome in a tent – much to the frustration of passers-by.

The confession has even made it onto the Loose Women DVD, where she joked about not really thinking about everyone else hearing her.

“I once did it in a tent with two blokes. There was nothing romantic about that!" she says.

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“You know what the terrible thing about it was, when you’re in a tent with a canvas cover you think no one can hear anything.

“But other campers were asking us to be quiet," she joked about the awkward scenario.

As for other encounters that weren't exactly private, she’s also had sex in the same room as her pal in narrow single beds, whilst the duo worked at Butlins back in the day.

Carol, who married Mark in 2018 in Thailand, surely celebrated her 60th in style. And if her 40th birthday is anything to go by, she's surely having a wonderful time with her doting hubby.

Loose Women airs weekdays at 12.30pm on ITV.

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