‘Love Affairs’ Leads Nominations for 2021 Cesar Awards With 13 Nods

The movie directed by Emmanuel Mouret dominates the nominations at the upcoming France movie awards with a total of 13 mentions including Best Film and Best Director.

AceShowbizEmmanuel Mouret‘s “Love Affairs” led the nominations for France’s Cesar Awards, with 13 nods, including for best film, best director, best actress for Camelia Jordana, and best actor for Niels Schneider.

The movie – “Les Choses Qu’On Dit, Les Choses Qu’On Fait (The Things We Say, The Things We Do)” – also earned nominations for supporting actress Emilie Dequenne and supporting actor Vincent Macaigne, as well as Julia Piaton, who is up for the best female newcomer gong. Mouret’s film also received nominations for best production design, best original screenplay, best cinematography, best editing, and best costume design.

Francois Ozon‘s “Summer of 85” and Albert Dupontel‘s “Bye Bye Morons” are close behind “Love Affairs” with 12 Cesar Award nominations, including for best film and best director.

Meanwhile, the controversial Netflix movie “Cuties” – about an 11-year-old Senegalese girl in Paris, France who joins a risque dance troupe to escape family dysfunction – is up for best first film, as well as a best female newcomer nomination for Fathia Youssouf.

And Sam Mendes‘ “1917” and Todd Haynes‘ “Dark Waters” are among the movies up for the Best Foreign Film prize.

The Cesar Awards are scheduled to take place on 12 March (21) at Paris’ Olympia theatre although it remains to be seen if they will operate as normal or virtually amid the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

The full list of nominations at the 2021 Cesar Awards is as follows:

Best Film:

  • Adieu Les Cons“, dir: Albert Dupontel
  • Adolescentes“, dir: Sebastien Lifshitz
  • Antoinette Dans Les Cevennes“, dir: Caroline Vignal
  • Les Choses Qu’On Dit, Les Choses Qu’On Fait“, dir: Emmanuel Mouret
  • Ete 85“, dir: Francois Ozon

Best Director:

  • Albert Dupontel, “Adieu Les Cons
  • Maiwenn, “DNA
  • Sebastien Lifshitz, “Adolescentes
  • Emmanuel Mouret, “Les Choses Qu’On Dit, Les Choses Qu’On Fait
  • Francois Ozon, “Summer Of 85

Best Actress:

  • Laure Calamy, “Antoinette Dans Les Cevennes
  • Martine Chevallier, “Two Of Us
  • Virginie Efira, “Adieu Les Cons
  • Camelia Jordana, “Les Choses Qu’On Dit, Les Choses Qu’On Fait
  • Barbara Sukowa, “Two Of Us

Best Actor:

  • Sami Bouajila, “Un Fils
  • Jonathan Cohen, “Enorme
  • Albert Dupontel, “Adieu Les Cons
  • Niels Schneider, “Les Choses Qu’On Dit, Les Choses Qu’On Fait
  • Lambert Wilson, “De Gaulle

Best Foreign Film:

  • 1917“, dir: Sam Mendes
  • La Communion“, dir: Jan Komasa
  • Dark Waters“, dir: Todd Haynes
  • Another Round“, dir: Thomas Vinterberg
  • Eva En Aout“, dir: Jonas Trueba

Best Supporting Actress:

  • Fanny Ardant, “DNA
  • Valeria Bruni Tedeschi, “Summer Of 85
  • Emilie Dequenne, “Les Choses Qu’On Dit, Les Choses Qu’On Fait
  • Noemie Lvovsky, “La Bonne Epouse
  • Yolande Moreau, “La Bonne Epouse

Best Supporting Actor:

  • Edouard Baer, “La Bonne Epouse
  • Louis Garrel, “DNA
  • Benjamin Lavernhe, “Antoinette Dans Les Cevennes
  • Vincent Macaigne, “Les Choses Qu’On Dit, Les Choses Qu’On Fait
  • Nicolas Maire, “Adieu Les Cons

Best Female Newcomer:

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  • Melissa Guers, “La Fille Au Bracelet
  • India Hair, “Poissonsexe
  • Julia Piaton, “Les Choses Qu’On Dit, Les Choses Qu’On Fait
  • Camille Rutherford, “Felicita
  • Fathia Youssouf, “Cuties

Best Male Newcomer:

  • Guang Huo, “La Nuit Venue
  • Felix Lefebvre, “Summer Of 85
  • Benjamin Voisin, “Summer Of 85
  • Alexandre Wetter, “Miss
  • Jean-Pascal Zadi, “Tout Simplement Noir

Best Original Screenplay:

  • Albert Dupontel, “Adieu Les Cons
  • Caroline Vignal, “Antoinette Dans Les Cevennes
  • Emmanuel Mouret, “Les Choses Qu’On Dit, Les Choses Qu’On Fait
  • Filippo Meneghetti & Malysone Bovorashy, “Two Of Us
  • Benoit Delepine & Gustave Kerven, “Effacer L’Historique

Best Adapted Screenplay:

  • Olivier Assayas, “Cu Ban Network
  • Hannelore Cayre & Jean-Paul Salome, “La Daronne
  • Francois Ozon, “Summer Of 85
  • Stephanie Demoustier, “La Fille Au Bracelet
  • Eric Barbier, “Petit Pays

Best Cinematography:

  • Alexis Kavyrchine, “Adieu Les Cons
  • Antoine Parouty & Paul Guilhaume, “Adolescentes
  • Simon Beaufils, “Antoinette Dans Les Cevennes
  • Laurent Desmet, “Les Choses Qu’On Dit, Les Choses Qu’On Fait
  • Hichame Alaouie, “Summer Of 85

Best Editing:

  • Christophe Pinel, “Adieu Les Cons
  • Tina Baz, “Adolescentes
  • Annette Dutertre, “Antoinette Dans Les Cevennes
  • Marital Salomon, “Les Choses Qu’On Dit, Les Choses Qu’On Fait
  • Laure Gardette, “Summer Of 85

Best Costume Design:

  • Mimi Lempicka, “Adieu Les Cons
  • Madeline Fontaine, “La Bonne Epouse
  • Helene Davoudian, “Les Choses Qu’On Dit, Les Choses Qu’On Fait
  • Anais Romand & Sergio Ballo, “De Gaulle
  • Pascaline Chavanne, “Summer Of 85

Best Production Design:

  • Carlos Conti, “Adieu Les Cons
  • Thierry Francois, “La Bonne Epouse
  • David Faivre, “Les Choses Qu’On Dit, Les Choses Qu’On Fait
  • Nicolas De Boiscuille, “De Gaulle
  • Benoit Barouh, “Summer Of 85

Best Animated Feature:

  • Calamity, Une Enfance De Martha Jane Cannary“, dir: Remi Chaye
  • Josep“, dir: Aurel
  • Petit Vampire“, dir: Joann Sfar

Best Documentary:

  • Adolescentes“, dir: Sebastien Lifshitz
  • La Cravate“, dir: Etienne Chaillou & Mathias Thery
  • Cyrille Agriculteur, 30 Ans, 20 Vaches, Du Lait, Du Beurre, Des Dettes“, dir: Rodolphe Marconi
  • Histoire D’Un Regard“, dir: Mariana Otero
  • Un Pays Qui Se Tient Sage“, dir: David Du Fresne

Best First Film:

  • Two Of Us“, dir: Filippo Meneghetti
  • Garcon Chiffon“, dir: Nicolas Maury
  • Cuties“, dir: Maimouna Doucoure
  • Tout Simplement Noir“, dir: Jean-Pascal Zadi
  • Un Divan A Tunis“, dir: Manele Labidi

Best Score:

  • Christophe Julien, “Adieu Les Cons
  • Stephen Warbeck, “DNA
  • Matei Bratescot, “Antoinette Dans Les Cevennes
  • Jean-Benoit Dunckel, “Summer Of 85
  • Rone, “La Nuit Venue

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