Love is Blind season 2: Are Mallory and Sal still together?

Love Is Blind: Netflix releases trailer for second season

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Love is Blind season two is on Netflix now and the TV series has been split into different volumes. The second batch of episodes has just dropped and Mallory Zapata and Sal Perez face fresh drama in episode eight. has all you need to know about whether the couple are still together.


Are Mallory and Sal still together?

The couple who have been branded ‘Sallory’ got engaged following some deep discussions in the pods.

The finale is due to air on February 25 and some fans hope the pair will swap vows at the end.

But their journey has been an emotional rollercoaster so far and they have experienced many ups and downs.

Mallory initially had feelings for Jarrette Jones but she felt a stronger bond with Sal.

Sal offered a heartfelt proposal and fans were hoping it would be the start of something special.

Yet following their holiday in Mexico, Mallory spent a long time talking with Jarrette.

She had spoken out about being hesitant when it came to getting married and Sal called her out on her comments.

In episode eight of the series, the pair face fresh drama but Mallory has not given anything away about whether they are still together.

Mallory is on Instagram and she says her passions are “family, friends, food and fashion”.

There is no mention of a romantic partner or husband, so could this mean bad news?

In the series she is seen walking down the aisle in a white dress, but does she get cold feet at the last minute?

Sal is also on the social media platform and he seems to have given away some clues about his relationship status.

He shared some wedding photos from a friend’s big day, saying: “Thanks for letting Victoria and I celebrate with you.”

Fan janismusica commented: “Dear Salvador, I watched the show and your soul it’s so authentic and pure.

“I’m glad you found someone that matches your beautiful heart … the only authentic person in that show I considered was you. Good bless you.”

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But there is no knowing whether Victoria is his current partner, or how the pair are connected.

Fans will have to wait until the season finale to find out whether he and Mallory officially tie the knot.

Eight days before the weddings, Sal explained how he and Mallory had an argument and she decided to sleep in another room.

He said: “This person I was seeing before, yesterday this person showed up to my sister’s apartment.

“My sister saw that she was hurting and they opened their doors but she just started going off and saying anything and everything.

“My sisters are there kind of in shock, not really understanding what is going on and trying to stay civil.”

The pair ended up talking through the argument and Mallory said: “It’s hard for me to understand how somebody could go to that extent or extremes if there wasn’t some type of promise there that this was your girlfriend.”

Sal explained how he was never an official item with the mystery woman, saying: “I was upfront with her from the very beginning, I said ‘you can see other people’.

“I have been set to do this experience a year ago…she was unhappy with that and maybe that’s on me, I’ll take that.

“Maybe I should have just not hung out with her or cut it off there, but I didn’t.”

The new episodes of Love Is Blind season 2 are on Netflix now.

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