Love Island Australia spoiler: Millie and Tayla furious after Erin kicks Justin out of the villa – and a new boy arrives

TENSIONS are set to rise on Love Island Australia this evening when Justin Lacko is dumped from the villa – a decision that leaves some Islanders reeling.

Things quickly become fraught in the villa after Eden Dally and Erin Barnett decide to send the model home over Jaxon Human.

Following Justin and Elisa Chigro's dumping, Grant Crapp predicts that Eden and Erin’s decision to send home Justin over Jaxon will cause "fireworks".

In light of the shock double dumping, Erin decides to confront Millie Fuller, Tayla Damir and Grant who are upset that their pal has been dumped.

Erin says: "I know we made a really tough decision but apparently you guys said that if we didn’t pick Justin [to stay] you said it was 'unforgivable.'

"I was just wondering why?… Apparently, you guys said you would never talk to use again because it was 'unforgivable.'"

An emotional Tayla replies: "In the moment, all of your emotions are going and it’s so upsetting."

Angered by their comments, Eden defends: "How would you feel making that decision?"

To which Millie adds: "Guys, it was just in the moment."

Reflecting on the drama, Grant says: "This has been the biggest night we’ve been in Love Island, having two blokes but especially Justin leave, it has shaken this whole house up.

"Emotions are everywhere right now."

Despite Islanders attempting to calm tensions, it appears that Grant is right, fireworks could be on their way.

After a dramatic few days in the villa, the Islanders are about to get a new addition in light of Justin and Elias' departure.

The Islanders are thrown a Pool Party to let their hair down and have some fun when they receive a text which announces a surprise.

Josh reads: "Your newest Islander is about to arrive. Please make him feel welcome."

As the Islanders run towards the door to welcome him, Josh receives another text: "The newest Islander is already in the Villa…"

Teddy – who had been pretending to be the DJ at the Pool Party – introduces himself to the Islanders and announces: "I get to take someone on a date for a quick chat!"

But who will he get to know first and will it ruffle feathers in the villa?

Love Island: Australia airs tonight at 9pm on ITV2

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