Love Island fans cringe over Michael’s expression as Joanna talks about kids

Love Island fans were left cringing over Michael Griffiths' "horrified" expression as Joanna Chimonides admitted she had thought about having kids together.

As the pair sat together, Joanna asked Michael whether he had thought about their future outside the villa.

After a brief pause, Michael replied: "Yeah."

"The other day I was imagining what our kids would look like," she said, prompting him to look at her, startled.

"Oh really?" he asked, laughing awkwardly.

"Yeah, only cos of your curly hair," she replied. "You just never know, do you?"

And fans winced at the awkwardness.

One tweeted: "If a guy reacted like that to me the way Michael just did to Joanna about having babies I’d just end things right there he is noootttt feeling her at all #LoveIsland."

While another commented: "Michael’s face when Joanna talk about having kids lol #LoveIsland."

A third remarked: "Look at the difference in depth between Joanna and Amber from conversation alone. Michael you idiot! #LoveIsland."

This hasn't been their first awkward moment over the last few days.

Yesterday, fans noticed an awkward question Michael asked Joanna which left viewers CONVINCED that he wanted to break up with her.

Particularly considering that he asked Amber Gill the same thing before splitting up with him.

Earlier, Michael was talking to Jordan who said that he didn't think the firefighter had the same chemistry with Joanna as he did with Amber.

He was then pulled over for a chat with Amber, who apologised for laughing after seeing that his heart rate had gone up the most while she was dancing with him.

After the pair cleared the air, Michael decided to talk to Joanna and said that he knew the whole "Amber thing" was still playing on her mind.

He asked her: "From my perspective, it's like, do you really want this? Or are you standing off because you want to be friends with Amber?"

Joanna tried to placate him and said that she didn't want to give her all to someone instantly.

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