Love Island fans slam ‘gross’ challenge of sucking toes and belly buttons

Fans of Love Island were not impressed to watch their favourite Love Island contestants sucking various body parts in a "gross" challenge.

Casa Amor and the villa went head to head yet again in a new challenge, Raunchy Race, where the islanders were forced to perform some shocking acts in order to gain points against the other house.

Challenges were pretty varied, with the teams having to do everything from choosing people to snog, simulate sex moves, and suck in pretty nasty ways.

The fans were not happy by some of their challenges, most notably when the teams were asked to such each others toes.

Josh Denzel and Kazimir Crossley were very willing to get on the challenge, and lay on top of one another immediately on their bed, sucking away at each other’s toes.

After this, Kaz asked Josh whether her toes were the best he’s ever tasted, to which he replies: "Of all the toes I’ve tasted in my life, probably the best toe.

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"A gourmet toe. If there was a Michelin star for toes, your toes are up there with the best."

Multiple members of the villa gave the challenge a go, with Ellie Brown and Charlie Brake going for it.

But before this the group were forced to suck liquid out of a girl’s belly button, so Georgia Steele quickly filled up her belly button with water for one of the lads to take.

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In the end the villa was victorious with the challenge, despite the individual events grossing out most of the viewing public.

One wrote: "Sucking toes is my worst nightmare, shocked and upset at what I’ve just seen on loveisland"

Another focused in on Josh’s willingness to suck Kaz’s toes, saying: "Josh sprinted to the bed to suck his new tings toes guilt free and Georgia is here crying about a kiss #loveisland"

Love Island airs weekdays and Sundays from 9pm on ITV2.

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