Love Island Savanna Darnell's music legend dad Kid Creole has no idea how many kids he's got and once blew £1m

Eighties calypso crooner Kid Creole, known for his fast living and womanising, has admitted that he isn't sure how many kids he actually has.

The 67-year-old, real name August Darnell – whose biggest hit was Annie, I'm Not Your Daddy – also revealed how much cash he used to blow in his heyday.

In previous interviews, when asked about how many kids he has, he said: "At least seven and no more than 12.

"That's because I was a fool when I was younger and when the band was at its height.

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He also spoke about his flash ways when his band, Kid Creole and the Coconuts, were at the height of their fame.

Darnell, whose youngest child is around five, said: "I made so much dough and wasted so much dough.

"I bought houses and cars and made investments in clubs. I learned how quickly you can lose one million dollars.
"Thank God I wrote those songs – I could live off the royalties to Annie alone – because if I didn't, I'd be in the poor house."

Darnell currently lives in Scandinavia with his partner Hayley, it is believed,

And music seems to run in the family as Savanna's brother is pop star Youngr AKA Dario Darnell.

He is signed to Island Records and is a multi-instrumentalist electro pop act from Manchester.


Savanna, 22, shared a picture on Instagram with some of her siblings, revealing that she had not seen her eldest sister for 13 years, and her eldest brother for seven.

She then captioned the photo: #kidcreoleandhiskids.

Savanna, from Sheffield, has described herself as "quite silly".

She said before entering the villa: "I get on with people very easily. I'm confident. I didn't use to be, I was very shy.

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