Love Island stars forced to run screaming from invasion of flying cockroaches

Love Island looks like paradise to most of us with blazing heat and little to do but sunbathe, but it seems it's not all it's cracked up to be.

Dumped Islander Elma Pazar has revealed that the villa is dealing with an invasion of flying cockroaches.

The Essex girl, 26, revealed that the girls are running around screaming when the beasts strike, something fans of the ITV2 show haven't seen.

She told the Daily Star : "The flying cockroaches are a nightmare. They fly around when we are trying to relax.

“Some of the girls are screaming every time they come near.”

And the villa can be quite a grotty place to live, as Elma revealed the dressing room is a tip when they girls get ready for the night.

She added: "You should see the girl’s room after we’ve got ready for an evening. It looks like a bomb’s hit it."

But cockroaches and messy dressing rooms were the last thing on the Islanders' minds last night as it was an action packed episode – and we mean literally.

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Yewande and Danny finally kissed after he went on a date with new girl Arabella, leaving the stunning scientist brimming with jealousy.

And it looked like the first couple have finally had sex, as fans spotted Tommy and Molly-Mae getting very close when the lights went out.

In steamy black and white footage, the couple looked like they were getting very racy under the covers, with Tommy spooning Molly from behind and breathing very heavily as they gyrated.

The scene left a lot of viewers uncomfortable, with many begging to unsee Tommy's sex face .

The pair's night of passion came just one day after the pair got acquainted under the covers for the first time – and Molly was full of praise about the boxer's manhood.

"Oh my god, it's f**king huge!," she giggled.

As she made the x-rated discovery, Tommy could be seen beaming next to her, clearly pleased with her exclaimation.

*Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2

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