Love Island viewers beg Dr. Alex George to 'chill' after he has a 'wobbly' over Ellie's flirty chat with new boy Sam Bird

On last night’s show, hunky Sam arrived in the villa and revealed he fancied five of the girls – including Ellie.

The news didn’t go down too well with Alex after he had spent days trying to woo Ellie and had finally kissed her.

Speaking in The Beach Hut, Alex complained: “In the villa at the end of the day once everyone comes in there is a part of you that is worried they might go for your girl.

“I just feel frustrated in this place when things are going well and something else throws into it and it’s just… what can I say.”

His fellow Islanders tried to calm him down as he watched Ellie, who was dressed in a thong swimsuit, chat animatedly with Sam.

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Trying to act cool, he told them: “I am not melting.”

But he added: “It’s just annoying to see that someone could so easily turn her head. She is literally on it, rolling about laughing.”

When Megan told him he was reading the situation differently, he hit back: “How can you read that different, she has got her hands over him!”

Those watching at home couldn’t get over how uncool he was being and took to Twitter to comment on it.

One person wrote: “Why was Alex so insecure about Ellie? She seems like a very touchy feely person anyways, like that weird kiss thing she did with Adam seemed harmless. Pull up your socks doc and relax #LoveIsland.”

Another commented: “Alex would wanna calm a tad. Ellie told him to let things happen. If he's clingy after a kiss she will be allergic. Sorry I just don't think she's into him.”

While someone else wrote: “Alex calm down they’re only talking ? Jesus Christ #loveisland.”

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