Love Island's 'cruel treatment' of Dani Dyer gets 650 Ofcom complaints – more than Big Brother and EastEnders stabbing storyline combined

Outraged members of the public lodged grievances with the broadcasting watchdog having seen Dani break down after she was played a clip of her boyfriend Jack coming face to face with his ex Ellie Jones in Casa Amor on last night's episode.

The programme was blasted by viewers over their decision to show her the brief clip – despite the fact he had remained entirely faithful to her.

An Ofcom spokesperson told The Sun Online: “We are considering these complaints against our broadcasting rules, before deciding whether or not to investigate.”

The number of complaints is higher than EastEnders received for its recent stabbing stoyline, which was just three, and a vast number more than the amount last summer’s Big Brother got, which was 20.

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Earlier this series 21 members of the public complained about Adam’s treatment of Rosie, but this far exceeds that.

In 2017, the show got 24 complaints about the contestant's smoking habits and 15 for X-rather shenanigans .

The year before saw the programme get seven complaints for airing a sex scene between Terry and Emma. They were later cleared by Ofcom for showing the pair get intimate while the others tried to sleep.

Last night those watching the show at home took to Twitter to comment on the scenes – revealing their plans to tell Ofcom.

One person wrote: “@Ofcom hey, you need to look at #LoveIsland what they’re doing to Dani is just cruel.”

Another blasted: “@Ofcom @LoveIsland producers are absolute w****rs.  They should be ashamed of themselves for doing that to Dani.  I am extremely disappointed!!”

While another complained: “Made an official complaint to ofcom about tonight’s episode of Love Island because mental health comes before entertainment thank you and goodnight.”

Dani and Jack have been living separately for four days with no contact and in the knowledge that new sexy singletons are living with them.

During the show a text arrived for both groups, revealing the details of Raunchy Race, a new challenge that all contestants – including the new boys and girls, who had been sent into villas with the opposite sex – had to partake in.

For one part of the game, Dani fretted about having to kiss newbie Dean.

She said: "I don’t want to do that. Snog. I got to proper snog. I’m not doing that, I’m sorry guys."

And speaking about it in the Beach Hut later, she added: "As soon as it came up, I was like ‘that’s me isn’t it?’ That’s me. And Jack’s my boyfriend. That’s cheating. It’s a game, but it’s cheating, I can’t do that."

Jack also admitted to Adam that he was missing Dani too and even confessed that he "loves" her.

He shared: "I keep picturing Dani’s face and I want to see it. I really do. I actually love. I’m not going to lie to you. I love Dani Dyer. I actually love her."

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