Love Island’s Jack pops big question to Dani as Dr Alex gets really nasty

The epic final Love Island dates throw up a shock proposal and another break-up.

Love is literally in the air for Dani Dyer and Jack Fincham as they take to the skies in a hot air ballon.

He has a big question for Dani after their romantic tryst – so is a possible engagement on the cards?

Elsewhere, Dr Alex George and Alexandra Crane seem to have hit a roadblock following their date in a Ferrari.

Alex confesses that he doesn’t have the feelings he should have for Alexandra – but will he end their relationship?

Dani and Jack are awoken by a text which reveals they will be going "up, up and away" for their final date.

Love is literally in the air for the couple as they take to the skies and share a kiss.

Terrified Dani screams as she sails into the air with her boyfriend to get a glimpse of Majorca from above.

"I love you," screams Dani, before admitting she has the "dirtiest mouth".

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The loved-up pair then sit down for a picnic once their back down on the ground.

Admitting it was the best date ever, Jack then bites the bullet and decides to ask Dani an important question about the next step in their fledgling relationship.

He says: "I’ve got something I want to ask you. I just think this would be amazing. Obviously it’s the next logical step for us."

Dani is shocked and Jack looks nervous – so what is his big question?

Meanwhile, Alex is delighted when he gets behind the wheel of a Ferrari.

Viewers will be well aware of Alex’s love for fast cars as it’s been one of his favourite chat up lines.

His driving skills seem to impress as the couple are seen having a cheeky snog in the car.

But it all goes wrong when he claims he "hopes" that they can continue on the outside.

Giddy Alex comes back and is buzzing about the date, but he’s more interested in telling the boys about the car.

Josh says: "I think Alex went on a date with a Ferarri. I would say he should have paid more attention to Alexandra on their final date."

Alex has a private chat with Jack and has a shocking revelation to make.

He confesses: "I don’t have the feelings that I should at this point. I am almost being unnatural."

With Alex not wanting to string Alexandra along any longer, Jack advises him to tell her.

The doctor calls unsuspecting Alexandra over for a chat.

Will he dump her again?

* Love Island airs tonight on ITV2 at 9pm

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