Love Island’s Laura secretly quit the villa three times and slept on the beach

Love Island’s Laura Anderson secretly quit the villa THREE different times – and even stayed out on the beach all night as she was so unhappy.

The 29-year-old runner-up, who eventually found romance with Paul Knops, was left so upset at being dumped twice that she walked out of the house and stayed out all night.

In scenes that were carefully shielded from the public and never aired, Laura lost her rag and stormed out of the villa on three separate occasions and had to be coaxed back by producers.

The first time she quit the villa was just after Wes Nelson dumped her for Megan Barton Hanson , despite having told Laura he was falling for her.

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"I didn’t sleep all night. I went to the beach most of the night and I smoked 24 cigarettes," she admitted.

"Loads of stuff happens and you’re just stuck there and you have to chat about it so I just a bit overwhelmed. I was like, ‘I’ve had enough’."

Laura walked out again when New Jack Fowler ditched her for surfer semi-pro Laura Crane, after getting back together with Original Laura following their blip.

"Everyone has a wobbly, it’s like cabin fever. At one point there was 20 of us in there. I think all of the originals found it a bit much towards the end," she went on to the Sun .

"When you get into relationships, and you see your friends getting upset you need to take some time to step outside and not be filmed."

Every time she quit the villa, producers would bring her back.

But despite the obvious discomfort she felt being in the villa, Laura said she’s glad she stayed for the whole eight weeks.

She wasn’t the only Islander this series to quit the show – although she’s the only one who returned after getting it out of her system.

Original housemate Niall Aslam quit the show in the second week, after losing Kendall Rae-Knight to Adam Collard .

He later explained he’d taken the decision after his Asperger’s traits made him feel like he couldn’t continue and didn’t fit in.

In an emotional post after he’d returned home, Niall said being in the villa had forced him to confront his condition.

"For far too long I have suffered in silence and not acknowledged a massive fact about my life which going into the villa has led me to finally realise and accept," he wrote on Instagram.

"Growing up was extremely difficult for me and I often felt out of place. I always felt that people didn’t understand me, yet I was afraid to reveal my true scales as I did not want the label or stigma that was attached to it.

"But now I think it is important that I come forward, not only so that I can finally be honest with myself and to those around me, but also so that other individuals in my position can embrace their true colours."

And he was joined by Georgia Steel and Sam Bird in the quitters club, after they left to be together.

Their controversial decision to stay in the villa as singletons caused Dani Dyer to fall out with Georgia, and after just a few days the lovebirds decided they wanted to recouple in the outside world.

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