Lucifer theories: Truth behind Michael’s shoulder uncovered as fans spot clue

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After waiting for over a year, Netflix’s popular fantasy drama finally returned after the catastrophic events of Lucifer season four. With a dysfunctional family reunion on the horizon in part two, some fans of the original Fox series are still puzzled by Michael’s strange deformity.


Netflix’s wildly successful Biblical drama embraced its comic book history by pitting Lucifer Morningstar (played by Tom Ellis) against a familiar face from the pages of his DC origins.

In season five, the devilishly talented Ellis took on a dual role as Lucifer’s deceitful twin brother Michael.

After Lucifer returned to his throne in Hell, Michael took advantage of his absence and descended to wreak havoc on Chloe Decker (Lauren German) and his other human friends.

Ellis donned an American accent, some questionable fashion choices and a hunched shoulder to differentiate his performance as Michael from his popular lead role as the crime-solving devil.

Later in the series, Michael reveals his darker wings and acquires a nasty facial scar to further contrast him with his identical twin.

However, many fans were still hung up by his mysterious shoulder wound when the first half of season five wrapped up after eight episodes.

Both Lucifer and his brother are invulnerable, celestial beings, so why has Michael’s shoulder still not healed after all these millennia?

Some fans are convinced they know the history behind the new villain’s bad posture, and took to Reddit with a potential explanation.

One perceptive viewer took some cues from the devil’s depiction in Milton’s Paradise Lost to form a convincing answer.

Redditor h2p012 said: “The most popular theory is that it’s a result of an injury during the Rebellion with his fight with Lucifer.”

As with many depictions of the Biblical devil, first popularised by Milton’s classic, Lucifer falls from Heaven when he attempts to wage war against God and his fellow angels.

In the comic book series, Lucifer’s brother Michael Demiurgos is one of the devil’s prominent rivals during the rebellion, and amongst the first to stand against his attempt to overthrow God.

Admittedly, the fan did concede that, for now, Michael’s injury simply appears to be one of several characteristics to visually distinguish the identical twins.

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They added: “I know the reason why Ellis/the Writers went with it was to show a distinct difference between Lucifer and Michael, but they haven’t explained it in the show to this point.”

Despite this easy explanation, there’s still a strong chance Lucifer and Michael’s history will be revealed when the series returns for part two of season five.

Another fan elaborated: “It has to come up in part two, surely.”

“I was leaning towards injury as well, but I figured celestials couldn’t really get injured (or stay injured) unless it was caused by a celestial weapon (like Maze’s blades, for example).”

Although they are not so common down on Earth, Lucifer and the angels most likely wielded more powerful celestial weapons to deal more permanent damage.

Other viewers noticed that, although Michael is able to straighten his posture when masquerading as Lucifer, the illusion fades when he unfolds his wings.

One fan said: “If you watch closely, you will see that when Michael has his wings out, one of the wings is much lower than the other.”

They then joked: “So, basically the Silver City doesn’t have a really good healthcare system.”

It’s still uncertain Lucifer will continue after production on the finale was delayed by the coronavirus outbreak, but it is hoped part two will be available next year.

Lucifer Season 5, Part 1 is available to stream on Netflix.

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