Luke Evans Claims Episodes of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Spin-Off Series Have Been Written

Speaking about the Disney+ show about Gaston and Le Fou, the ‘Murder Mystery’ actor gushes that he and co-star Josh Gad are ‘literally vibrating with excitement to shoot it.’

AceShowbizLuke Evans is excited for filming to get underway on his forthcoming “Beauty and the Beast (2017)” spin-off series.

News first broke about the show, centred on Evans’ Gaston and Josh Gad‘s Le Fou, earlier this year (20), with the six-part series to air on Disney+.

Speaking to Collider, the actor opened up on what fans can expect to see in the show, and confirmed that songs from Alan Menken, who composed “Beauty and the Beast”‘s score, would be included.

“We’re in fully fledged development,” he shared. “The second and third episodes have been written and we’ve heard some of the music by Alan Menken. We’re just so honoured to have him on board, writing the music, which is extraordinary, in itself.”

He added: “We feel so lucky to have this talented group of people creating a story about two much loved and much hated characters, but that’s the excitement.”

“There are a lot of questions about, where we will start? What we will tell? Who are these people? When you visit them, where will they be? So, it’s going to be a really fun experience. Me and Josh are literally vibrating with excitement to shoot it.”

The star also opened up about how he and Gad came up with the concept for the series, explaining: “Even when we were working on Beauty and the Beast… we were talking about what we could do and wanting to find another project. We’ve been searching, for the last several years, projects and scripts and ideas and concept.”

“In the back of our minds, we definitely had thoughts about revisiting Gaston and LeFou in a different story, obviously,” he added. “And when we pitched the idea to Disney+, they were very excited about it.”

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