Made in Chelsea’s Reza fights back tears as he finds out ex Ruby is dating Miles

Made in Chelsea star Reza Amiri-Garroussi is left emotional and fighting back tears when he discovers that his ex-girlfriend Ruby Adler is moving on with their co-star Miles Nazaire.

In OK! ’s exclusive first-look clip from tonight’s episode (Mon 29th November), Reza is discussing his on-off relationship with Ruby with friends including Sam Thompson.

After Reza opens up about how he’s feeling confused over where he currently stands with Ruby, he says: “What’s actually happening is that it’s getting harder, as the longer that we go, the more she expresses her opinions of wanting to get back with me.”

He continues to explain: “A few days ago she was calling me, crying, asking me to get back with her.”

However, it’s not long before the boys tell him some home truths and drop the bombshell that she’s still seeing someone else behind his back.

Turning to Rez, Harvey Armstrong reveals: “Rez, what I don’t understand is she’s saying this to you – that she wants to get back with you, [and] she loves you.”

He continues: “[But] she was out on a date with Miles last night – and they kissed.”

The news clearly blindsides Reza as he goes on to confess that he thought Ruby was “the one” for him and that they’d eventually get back together down the line.

Shaking his head in disbelief, Reza confesses: “That f***ing sucks, I’m not going to lie.”

“Our last words together were her begging me to say that I cared and to allow her to show me that she wanted to get back with me.”

He continued to explain: “I said, ‘yeah, ok, cool.’ And by showing me, she’s dating Miles…”

As Sam and Harvey tell their friend he’s worth “so much more than that”, Reza struggles to hold in his emotions.

He tells them: “How do you think that feels? That feels awful.”

“When I’m in it, and I’m in that bubble with her, and she’s talking to me and saying things, it’s very hard for me to be like, ‘she doesn’t want to be with me.’ That’s my problem.”

And as Sam tells Reza that he feels like he should put a stop to their relationship once and for all for his own sake, Reza says it will be too “tough”.

He confesses: “I’ve always thought she was the one for me… I don’t want to get emotional, but I always thought she was…”

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