Marks and Spencer Christmas Advert: Watch the full Marks and Spencer Christmas advert here

Marks and Spencer: Tom Holland stars in 2021 Christmas advert

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Marks and Spencer is known for its mouth-watering adverts promoting its delicious food all year round. There are usually a few famous faces popping up in the supermarket’s Christmas teasers to encourage everyone to hurry up and purchase their winter treats as soon as possible. This time though, there are just a couple of recognisable voices featured as Marks and Spencer release a more child-friendly advert for 2021.

Marks and Spencer have taken a different tone for Christmas this year, putting one of their well-known treats in the spotlight at last: Percy Pig.

The gummy pig-shaped sweets come in raspberry, strawberry, cherry and grape-flavour and have been sold at M&S for almost three decades.

When they first came out, it is reported that customers turned their snouts up at Percy Pigs.

Fast-forward to 2021 though and the supermarket now sells millions of these products every year. 

Percy now stars in the Marks and Spencer Christmas advert which is set in the M&S Foodhall in Stratford.

When the security guard leaves for the day, the Christmas fairy at the top of a tree accidentally drops her magic wand.

Before she is able to catch it, the wand falls onto some Percy Pig wrapping paper, bringing the famous animal to life.

He says how he has never experienced a Christmas before so the fairy talks him through some of the food that is on offer in-store.

As he’s being shown around the shop, Percy cutely says: “I’ve never seen anything so beautiful in all my 23 seconds of life!”

If you’re scratching your head, thinking you recognise the voices of Percy and the fairy, then that’s probably because they’re both well-known stars.

The fairy is voiced by none other than Vicar of Dibley actress and comedian Dawn French.

Meanwhile, Percy is voiced by 25-year-old Spiderman actor Tom Holland.

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This is the first time in 30 years of being sold at M&S that Percy has been given a voice.

Speaking about getting the role of the famous pig, Tom said: “I’ve loved Percy Pigs for as long as I can remember, and when I was asked to be his voice – his first ever voice – it took me less than a second to say yes.

“Getting the snort right was a challenge, but I hope I nailed it and you all like what you hear!

“I did consider asking for a lifetime supply of Percy Pigs but I figured I’ve got to save room for all of that amazing M&S Christmas food!”

Sharry Cramond, Director of Marketing for M&S Food, Sharry Cramond said they wanted to bring “some much needed Christmas magic” for 2021, after the intense couple of years living with the coronavirus pandemic.

People are also already talking about the John Lewis Christmas advert called Unexpected Guest.

The promo sees a young boy befriend an alien who has crash-landed on Earth and makes it his mission to teach them everything there is about Christmas.

But who will ultimately win the battle of the Christmas adverts for this year?

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