Married At First Sight UK fans demand answers over Dan and Matt honeymoon delay

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Married At First Sight UK fans were left up in arms as they demanded answers over a honeymoon delay during Wednesday's episode.

Newlyweds Dan and Matt hadn't been present for the first commitment ceremony and dinner party – though they later reappeared for 'Yes Week'.

Though they admitted they got delayed on their honeymoon – likely due to Covid-19 restrictions – a full explanation was never offered on the programme, despite the couple promising the others that they'd get the full goss.

Furious fans turned to Twitter when the episode aired to complain at the questions surrounding the delay, with one writing: "So are they never going to address the reason Matt and Daniel never attended the first dinner party and commitment ceremony? Cause I be nosy AF!"

"Are we ever going to find out why Daniel and Matt took a longer honeymoon?" someone else wondered.

A third fan responded: "I assumed they got stuck somewhere because of Covid", though another social media user penned: "Same, but it's the fact they are not saying the reason that puzzles me!"

Someone else joked: "What delay on honeymoon? Matt and Dan just didn't want to come back to this country's crappy weather!"

The couple sat down on the sofa together, holding hands, for their first foray into the commitment ceremony segment of the experiment, admitting the sex was going well and that they were in a good place emotionally.

Matt got emotional as he said: "Everything feels like it's led to this. I do feel like Dan is the perfect person for me, I want to go with my heart and I want to be with you, Dan."

The couple also said they were planning to manage the long distance aspect of their relationship by reaching a compromise, with Dan wanting to move back to Northern Ireland – but promising to travel to Leeds for Matt.

But throughout the conversation, their honeymoon delay was simply never mentioned.

The couple also haven't referenced the disappearance, other than posting a cheeky quip on social media during the first dinner party, when Nikita famously blew up at Jordon.

Posting a sweet selfie of the pair snuggled together at their Mexican hotel, Matt wrote: "Good job we stayed in Mexico!", tagging Dan in the post.

The couple looked cosy as ever, with Dan wearing a pale blue sweatshirt and Matt in a khaki hoodie zipped up to his chin.

Dan shared the same photo on his own page, writing: "I think it was best to stay on honeymoon!"

Though it has been confirmed that "logistics" were behind the boys missing a section of the experiment, some fans have surmised that one or both of them might have caught Covid, as they could be heard explaining on the phone that they were "stuck" on their honeymoon.

"I was thinking possibly Covid and they're isolating maybe?" someone theorised.

Another chipped in: "I feel like they have to isolate…"

Married At First Sight UK airs Monday-Thursday on E4.

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