Martin Lewis says Ill shut up as Lorraine cuts him short on show

Martin Lewis knew he'd overstayed his welcome on the ITV programme when Lorraine Kelly prompted for him to wrap up his segment.

The 61-year-old host dished out a stern warning, letting Martin know he needed to finish which lead to the finance expert hitting back.

At the time, Martin had been busy trying to reassure viewers about Christmas while giving out some top tips to diminish the financial burden over the winter.

With energy bills and inflation on the rise, he appeared on the show to distribute advice to those who may be concerned.

Mid explanation he said: "And the general impact of inflation this winter yes. But Christmas itself is a bit hmmm.

"And by the way on tonight's show I'm talking about the cheapest broadband deals."

Speaking quickly, he added: "You can get it for about £13 a month including landline.

"And the savings you can make from that should in effect cover the increase in cost in energy for about 10 million people."

Continuing, Martin said: "There will be lots of talk about contactless card rules…."

Before he could finish, Lorraine interjected to stop him in his tracks.

She remarked: "Thank you for that Martin."

Not taking the hint, Martin attempted to speak again but this time the TV star wasn't taking any prisoners as she spoke over.

"We shall be watching," she interjected.

Getting the message the second time, Martin hit back telling her: "And I’ll shut up now," while using his hand to show that he had zipped his mouth up as instructed.

Laughing, Lorraine explained: "It's alright. No it’s fine. It’s wonderful as I know how passionate you are. It’s wonderful.

"And thank you for your reassuring words about Christmas."

Lorraine airs weekdays on ITV at 9am.

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