Max drops massive bombshell which doesn’t go down well in EastEnders

Max Branning drops a massive bombshell in tonight’s explosive EastEnders.

The new car lot owner makes out he wants to mend bridges with his neighbours but has something shocking to reveal.

His return has not gone down well with the Albert Square residents, who hate him even more after they discover what he’s been up to.

Mick and Linda Carter, who have not forgiven him for nearly causing them to lose the pub, warn him to stay away from the Queen Vic.

But he managers to find a new ally in the form of Mel Owen, who lets him use the E20 club.

He also has a reunion with Stacey, who is stunned by what she hears.

So what is Max’s big secret?

Meanwhile, Tiffany fears she will be kicked out of Walford and tries to get on Whitney’s good side by arranging a video call with halfway.

However, things don’t exactly go to plan as Halfway doesn’t answer, sparking fears for his safety.

Elsewhere, Arshad discovers that the CCTV around his house has been vandalised.

He warns Masood that they should call the police and the social services to protect baby Harvey.

*EastEnders airs tonight on BBC One at 7.30pm

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