Max Gail Talks 'General Hospital' Experience Playing Mike Corbin, Says It's 'A Wonderful Challenge'

Actor Max Gail is earning rave reviews for his portrayal of Mike Corbin on ‘General Hospital’

General Hospital fans know that Sonny Corinthos and his father Mike Corbin have had a complicated relationship over the years. Mike wasn’t particularly present when Sonny was young, and he caused chaos in his son’s world numerous times over gambling debts and other issues. However, Mike is back in Port Charles and is struggling with Alzheimer’s and this has created a new dynamic between the two men that viewers are loving.

Max Gail has stepped in to play the role of Mike Corbin these days on General Hospital, although many fans remember actor Ron Hale for his time playing Corbin. Gail has now made the role his own and he is earning high praise for his nuanced portrayal of the complicated character.

Max recently talked with Michael Fairman TV and said that it’s been a wonderful challenge to find a way to show Mike as someone more than just a sweet older guy who has Alzheimer’s. It turns out that Gail was only slated to be on General Hospital for a short while. As fans warmed up to the storyline, his time was extended and now it sounds as if there’s no particular end in sight yet.

Gail, most known for his role as Wojo years ago on Barney Miller, told Soaps in Depth that playing Corbin properly is intense and that it takes a lot of energy and time to get it right. Max says it’s been a great experience, though it is very different from what he’s done on primetime. From the sounds of things, the actor has become quite close with General Hospital star Maurice Benard, who plays Sonny.

Apparently, Max has already been playing Mike for twice as long as was originally intended. From the sounds of things, however, Gail isn’t looking to end the experience anytime soon. Max discovered at the time of his audition that this would be a different kind of gig from what he’s usually done and he makes it clear he loves working with Maurice, finding it to be a special relationship.

Things have gotten intense and complicated enough for Mike that Sonny really has no choice now but to consider moving his father to an assisted care facility of some sort. General Hospital fans aren’t ready to let go of Gail’s character, though, so the writers have a tough challenge ahead of them.

The show has clearly wanted to portray this Alzheimer’s storyline in a realistic, authentic way and it looks like it’s resonating with people. Luckily, Max Gail seems to be having the time of his life playing Mike Corbin, so hopefully, there are many more powerful scenes for this General Hospital character on the horizon yet.

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