'Mayans MC' Season 4: Can EZ Redeem Himself After Killing Gaby? Fans Say No

FX fans continue to watch EZ Reyes’ progression through Mayans MC Season 4. EZ has had a complex and complicated trajectory with the club through the years, and the recent slaying of his past love interest, Gaby, has fans worried about his trajectory. Can he redeem himself after Gaby’s death? Here’s what fans think.

Who is Gaby in ‘Mayans MC’?

Gaby, played by Sulem Calderon, was a central character in Mayans MC up until her death in season 4. EZ and Gaby started a relationship in season 3, but Gaby felt troubled by the violence that EZ’s life brought to their relationship. She wrestled with whether to stay near EZ to pursue their romance or leave EZ behind to attend nursing school. Ultimately, she decides to leave, and it ended their relationship.

Sadly, Mayans MC Season 4 Episode 7 saw the end of Gaby. CBR.com reports the episode, titled “Dialogue With the Mirror,” brought the club into a hospital shootout. Prior to the episode, the Mayans M.C. declared war on the Sons of Anarchy for the death of Coco. They head to the UC Davis hospital, where a shooting takes place between the Mayans and the Sons of Anarchy members.

Gaby works at the hospital as a nurse and witnesses Angel shooting her friend. Angel and EZ then take Gaby, as they know what she witnessed. She tells EZ she will report him to the police for his crimes, but also that she still loves him and knows he’s truly good inside. In the end, EZ shoots her.

Can EZ Reyes redeem himself after Gaby’s death? Many fans don’t think so

Fans are concerned about the path EZ is on after Gaby’s death in Mayans MC Season 4 Episode 7. Can he redeem himself after killing his ex-girlfriend, or has he gone too far and cemented himself permanently with the Mayans?

“History is repeating itself,” a fan wrote on Reddit. “Everyone got fooled because EZ was supposed to be the smart one who went to college. … That’s why we are seeing his evolution the way it is this season. This is who he always was and now the cat’s out of the bag.”

“I thought it was stupid how he killed Gaby,” another fan wrote. “Straight up ruthless.”

“I was glad he went in 100% with the Mayans but d***, he’s gone too far now,” yet another fan wrote.

Some other fans think EZ embracing the Mayans and doing away with Gaby might actually help him, though — especially given Gaby’s threats to tell the cops. With that said, the show may lose viewership if EZ continues down the wrong path.

“EZ came in as a rat, under false pretenses but grew to recognize he loved the MC,” another fan explained. “He considered leaving with Gaby, but when she left, he fully embraced it. He even told Angel, it fits him, he’s good at it, and it all comes easy to him.”

Do EZ and Emily get back together?

Gaby’s gone for good, but what about EZ and Emily? The two had a relationship prior to EZ spending time in prison for eight years. Then, they broke up, and Emily married. Now that Emily’s no longer with her husband, there’s a chance the two could connect and sustain a new relationship in Mayans MC Season 4.

Showrunner Elgin James talked to Deadline about the possibility after season 3. “You know, I think we have to explore the darkness, and then I think there could be,” he said. “I really do. … There is a brokenhearted nihilism that kind of came out. [Laughs] And with the nihilism, I think there’s also beauty and hope in that. That’s what I kept trying to talk about to everyone [in Season 3].”

Mayans MC Season 4 airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on FX.

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