Meghan Markle’s father slams Prince Harry over ‘disappointing’ move

Thomas Markle says he is 'disappointed' with Prince Harry

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On Thursday night, Thomas Markle spoke with GB News host Dan Wootton about his daughter Meghan Markle and her husband Prince Harry. The Duchess of Sussex’s dad made some bold claims as he spoke to the host via video link from his home in Mexico.

Thomas claimed the reason he and his daughter drifted apart was Meghan wanted him to stop talking to his older children.

He also went on to allege he was “disappointed” with his son-in-law because he didn’t ask him for Meghan’s hand in marriage.

“I am very disappointed about Harry wanting to marry my daughter,” Thomas began.

“[That he] Wouldn’t have had the good sense to come down here and ask for her hand.”

He continued: “I mean someone who is royalty would think that he would want to go by the book and do things properly.

“But apparently it didn’t matter to him. So, that was a disappointment as well.”

Dan went on to ask: “She described you as reclusive, is that fair?”

Thomas explained to the host: “I am somewhat reclusive. I value my privacy.”

“I like my privacy at times but I certainly like to be involved with my family,” he added.

Thomas explained he is at a time in his life when he doesn’t want to be surrounded by many people, but he always wants his family around.

“I am at an age now where I need my family,” he admitted.

“I’m not that reclusive that I didn’t want her here, or Harry for that matter.”

Discussing how his relationship with his daughter changed when she met Prince Harry, Thomas said: “I don’t know whether Harry had an effect on her or what caused this to happen.

“But, it became and suddenly I became ghosted. That is a British word I am learning now.”

“It’s not just me, both sides of the family have been ghosted by her now,” Thomas claimed.

“Obviously she must have told Harry something.”

“I don’t know what reason she would have,” Thomas added.

Thomas questioned whether his daughter is ashamed of the family, as he said: “We are all successful.

“You’re an Emmy winner,” Dan went on to point out.

Thomas joked: “Of course, I would love to have more.”

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