Melissa McCarthy Crashes Christina Aguilera's 'Carpool Karaoke' to Crush the 'Dirrty' Rap

Aguilera also spills on “Mickey Mouse Club” crushes and her beef with Britney Spears.

"Carpool Karaoke" went to primetime on Monday night, bringing out the big guns with an amazing Christina Aguilera edition that put most others to shame.

James Corden enlisted the help of the "Dirrty" diva for his latest installment, which consisted of almost 9 minutes of the singer’s greatest hits, some tea on her "Mickey Mouse Club" days, and an impressive cameo from Melissa McCarthy.

The two kicked off the segment by rocking out to X-Tina’s "Fighter," which Corden doing his best to pull off Aguilera’s trademark growl. "I just sound like I have something trapped in my throat. I sound like Fozzie," he joked, referring to the Muppet.

He then turned his attention to her Disney beginnings, asking if she found herself "getting lost in [Ryan Gosling’s] eyes" back when they were on MMC together with Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears.

"I think there were crushes but I wasn’t on the train," she said of Gosling. When he asked if she was more of a Timberlake kinda girl, she clumsily admitted there was "a thing" between her and Britney over JT back in the day. "He had swag, back then he had swag," she added. "I know Ryan, pretty much, he did have a crush on Britney. She got Justin. They were a big old couple."

When Corden joked that their relationship "worked out wonderfully," she added, "Hit songs, right?"

They then sang "Dirrty," with McCarthy popping up in the backseat to do Redman’s rap in the middle of the song. "I guess if there’s a Redman rap, it’s probably me," she joked, "It’s a natural jump." To be fair, she crushed it!

The trio later danced to "Genie In a Bottle" before Aguilera and Corden ended with a rendition of "Beautiful" that really lived up to its name.

Elsewhere in the primetime special, Corden put a "Crosswalk the Musical" performance of "The Sound of Music" packed with CBS personalities. "Mom" stars Allison Janney and Anna Faris joined "The Big Bang Theory’s" Kunal Nayyar and "Young Sheldon" star Iain Armitage for the video.

Corden certainly had some issues with Janney, fighting her for the role of Maria in the show:

Watch more "Carpool Karaoke" videos below:

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