Michael Strahan Challenges Jimmy Fallon to Complete 25 Push-Ups for Military Vets

“If you do it, we’ll double up what we’ve already given, so we give away a thousand [pieces of clothing],” Strahan said.

It was athlete versus comedian on Tuesday night as Michael Strahan challenged Jimmy Fallon to complete 25 push-ups.

Fallon might not be known for his athleticism, but Strahan convinced the NBC star to drop down and give him 25 to help out military veterans. Fallon ultimately proved that he likely hits the gym more than we had expected.

"So many vets commit suicide and this is about giving them that team and people they can depend on to save them from that," Strahan said. "And we did a challenge so for every 25 push-ups someone would do we would give away articles of clothing."

The "GMA Day" host explained how the challenge, #MergingVetsandPlayers, went viral and had celebrity participation from some of the Hollywood’s hottest hunks, including John Krasinkski, Chris Pratt, and Sylvester Stallone.

"We gave over 500 pieces of clothing to all these soldiers and vets so they can look good and have what they need," he added.

Although the viral challenge ended a while back, the Fox Sports host pointed out that Fallon should have participated.

"You should have dropped and give me 25 man," he said, while poking Fallon’s chest with a drumstick. "You’re in shape. You got the pecks."

The audience started to applaud as they urged the late-night host to give it a try.

"I can do 25 push-ups," Fallon said. "What do I get if I do?

"If you do it, we’ll double up what we’ve already given, so we give away a thousand [pieces of clothing]," Strahan replied. "We’ll double it up! Come on, Jimmy. I’ll do it with ya!"

Both Fallon and Strahan got down on the ground and began to do the push-ups. However, Strahan, as a former New York Giant, also threw in some claps between his exercises. Fallon flawlessly completed the first 20 push-ups, but began to slow down for the last five.

"Come on, you got it!" Strahan encouraged.

Fallon completed the last few and even tried (and failed) to throw in a little clap for the final push-up.

Also, in typical "Tonight Show" fashion, Strahan competed in a game of "Catchphrase" with Michael Angarano and The Roots’ Tarik Trotter.

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