MiC's Jamie Laing says Sam Thompson and Habbs are headed for "armageddon"

Just when you thought Sam Thompson and Sophie Habboo were about to live happily ever after, Jamie Laing has suggested that the couple are heading for “armageddon” – and we don’t think that’s a swanky new bar in SW3.

The 30-year-old reality TV star revealed what’s left to come for the series, and it doesn’t look good for the newly reunited lovebirds.

“It follows Sam and what will happen with him, and what happens is one big armageddon for Sam and Habbs,” Jamie told Digital Spy. “So it’s the end of the world for Sam and Habbs… It’s a very heartfelt series because of lots of things go down, people are pretty upset by end. “

Nothing like some warm, Christmas cheer to get us in the holiday spirit.

Alex Mytton – who keeps his relationship with model Georgina Howard out of the show – defended Sam’s recent non-chivalrous behaviour towards love rival and wildlife photographer Tristan Phipps.

A love triangle appeared to be taking shape between Sam, Habbs and Tristan after Harry Baron and Melissa Tattam introduced Tristan to Habbs while she was contemplating life post-Sam.

But when Sam awkwardly gatecrashed one of Tristan and Habbs’ dates to profess his love, Sam and Habbs decided to give their relationship a go again. Because that seems to work so well for their co-stars…*rolls eyes*

“There’s definitely tears to come,” Mytton disclosed. “Sam has a jerk reaction but when you’re confronted with that [Tristan], it hit him in the heart. So he panics and he starts being a bit awkward.”

Jamie teased: “I think he definitely does have feelings for Habbs. We know what happens, but I think Sam definitely has feelings for her. I’m not going to tell you exactly what happens but Sam *definitely* has feelings for Habbs.”

Habbs was caught looking forlornly into her glass of Prosecco and then in Tristan’s direction during his photography exhibition on last week’s show.

So could she break Sam’s heart and ditch him for animal whisperer Tristan?

Made in Chelsea continues tonight (Monday, November 19) on E4 at 9pm.

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