Monster Hunter Movie's First Posters Feature Very Big Weapons

Director Paul WS Anderson made no fewer than six Resident Evil movies with star (and wife) Milla Jovovich. The pair have now moved on to another big video game adaptation–Monster Hunter–which hits theaters in September. The first posters have been released.

There are two posters. One shows Jovovich in the role of Lieutenant Artemis, while the other has Thai martial arts star Tony Jaa as a character simply known as The Hunter. Fans of the game will immediately recognise the weapons on display here–Jovovich is wielding what seems to be the Giant Jawblade, while Jaa is holding a bow that could well be the Great Hunter’s Bow. Check them out below:

Monster Hunter’s story focuses on a group of human soldiers–led by Artemis–who are transported to an alien world populated by monsters. Artemis and The Hunter must team up to fight back against the terrifying creatures. The cast also includes Sons of Anarchy star Ron Perlman and rapper-turned-actor T.I. Harris, and the movie releases on September 4.

The Resident Evil series made more than $1 billion at the worldwide box office, and even though it has now finished, a reboot is in development. In recent years, the series also become notorious for the on-set accident during the 2015 production of Resident Evil: The Final Chapter that led stunt performer Olivia Jackson to sue the filmmakers.

As for the Monster Hunter video game series, the most recent instalment, Monster Hunter World, sold over 11 million copies.

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