MP Oliver Dowden weighs in on Piers Morgan and Victoria Beckham row

MP Oliver Dowden has weighed in on the Victoria Beckham clothing line debate after Piers Morgan branded the singer ‘disgraceful’ for using the furlough scheme.

On Monday’s Good Morning Britain, Piers waged war on David and Victoria for furloughing staff from their ‘loss-making vanity fashion project’ despite being millionaires. 

The ITV host spoke out against the pair, who have left him livid on the news that the VB fashion brand has decided to furlough their staff, using the government scheme for the coronavirus crisis to pay staff using taxpayer money. 

And while speaking to the culture secretary, Piers couldn’t help but quiz him about Posh Spice using the government scheme.

‘In terms of the furlough scheme, we are facing an unprecedented global health crisis and in response to that we have taken unprecedented measures,’ Mr Dowden began.

Piers then interrupted as he asked: ‘Can you just answer the question about, should people like the Beckhams being used taxpayers money for this furlough scheme, yes or no? I know they’re allowed to but should they be doing it morally?’

The MP responded: ‘I think each person and each company should ask themselves, do they have to rely on the tax bed, because this scheme is meant to be if you’re about to make someone redundant and you haven’t got the money to continue to employ them then you can rely on the government to stop people being made redundant.’

‘But if you’re worth over £350 million then you should probably stomach it yourselves right?’ Piers raged.

Mr Dowden added: ‘I don’t know the details of her fashion business and I’m not going to comment, the principle is you should only be using it if you have to.’

Earlier in the show, got into an argument with Susanna Reid as he branded the Beckhams ‘tone-deaf’.

‘Sorry, this furlough scheme was not for primadonna multi-millionaires like you two,’ Piers ranted. ‘Running a famed vanity business that makes no money.’

‘I feel comfortable about the fact that the furlough scheme is about saving jobs,’ Susanna told him.

‘They don’t need protecting – the Beckhams can pay their own staff!’ Piers shot back. 

‘If you’re going to go on national TV and say the NHS really means something to you, then why don’t you dip in your own pockets, rather than the taxpayer pockets? As the taxpayer’s pockets should be going to the NHS.’ has contacted Victoria’s reps for a response.

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