Mum-of-six wishes she could stop getting pregnant – but can’t use contraception

A tired mum-of-six says that all she looks forward to as she approaches her forties is "having my body back" – but she keeps getting pregnant.

Martine vented about her partner Amos – who is still broody for more kids – on Channel 5 documentary "Husbands From Hell", last night.

The couple live in Salford and Amos runs a successful Kosher restaurant in north Manchester, while Martine stays at home and looks after their ever-expanding family.

Reflecting on her brood, 39-year-old Martine said: “If it would have been down to me I think we probably would have stuck with two. Yes I definitely would have stuck with two, it was plenty.

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“I was happy with two I don’t know how I’ve got so many I really don’t, it’s Amos, I definitely blame Amos.”

The lovebirds said that since they became religious, contraception is no longer an option.

Amos, 41, explained: “We’re obliged by our religion to not use contraceptions and if there is something you go to speak to the Rabbi, you know, he makes the decision."

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Martine added: “Amos and I became religious about nine years ago so prior to that we were out partying we were having fun and obviously everything is changed since these little ones have come along.

“However, as I look at approaching my middle age I just feel ready to start looking forward to life whereby I’m not just pregnant. I’m looking forward to having my body back.”

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But broody Amos clearly has other ideas – joking that there could even be 14 more children in the future.

“We will try to have as many kids as we can, we don’t really plan it, it just happens. I don’t mind having 20 of them. Think of them individually, it’s not many,” he said.

However, Martine had support on Twitter, with one person commenting: "Mate, if you had to push a bowling ball through a straw even once I doubt your words would be 'I want my family as big as possible' #husbandsfromhell."

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