Naomi Campbell reveals she spends half an hour a day soaking in salt and vinegar to help calm her down – The Sun

MODEL Naomi Campbell has revealed she spends half an hour a day soaking in salt and vinegar.

The 49-year-old catwalk star says the quirky bath helps calm her down.

She said: “I do a bath with Epsom salts and Kosher salts and vinegar.

“It’s very calming for the nervous system.

“I sit in there for 30 minutes, then I do a facial.”

She also said she drinks celery juice daily and spends her free time reading, listening to music and dancing.

Speaking about self isolation at her home in New York, Naomi said she was relishing having the free time for her special baths.

The catwalk legend, right, said: “I look for the positive. I’m doing all these things to enjoy my home that I never get to enjoy.”

She said that usually she is “in my home like four days a month”.

Her bath time routine comes 11 years after she went on a diet called The Program, where she reduced her diet to seaweed crisps to flush out toxins after giving up booze.

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