NCIS Hawaii theory: Ernie to take down murderous enemy as he debuts game-changing creation

NCIS: Hawaii preview "Switchback"

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In the first part of NCIS: Hawaii’s highly anticipated season one finale, Ernie Malick (played by Jason Antoon) will play a key role in apprehending two suspects who may have been involved in a horrific stabbing. The pressure is on to identify the culprits in time when the CBS drama returns next week, and Ernie may have just the thing to ensure their man doesn’t get away.

Cyber expert Ernie will unveil an exciting new piece of technology to aid the NCIS Hawaii team’s next mission in the final episode of the CBS spin-off’s first season.

However, could the NCIS’s advancements in surveillance go too far and put innocent people at risk of false imprisonment?

In the explosive two-part finale, Jane Tennant (Vanessa Lachey) and the Pearl Harbor team are called upon to investigate a stabbing on Waikiki beach.

Unfortunately, the agents run into some major hurdles when they go to check the security footage of the incident.

Their victim, a man named Cartwright, appears to be accosted by two men who both flee in opposite directions.

Not only are the two suspects impossible to pin down, but their faces have been completely obscured in the CCTV video.

Thankfully, Ernie has a solution when he meets with agents Lucy Tara (Yasmine al-Bustami) and Kai Holman (Alex Tarrant) back at the lab.

In the latest teaser, Kai explains: “After Cartwright is stabbed they run in different directions, almost as if they knew where the cameras were.”

Lucy begins: “If this was a crime of passion, they’d be frantic and sloppy…”

“Not calculated and methodical,” Ernie agrees as he scrutinises the footage.

In most cases, the NCIS investigators struggle to get a match if the crime happens too fast for the cameras to get a good read on the culprit’s face.

As NCIS: Hawaii takes another huge leap into the future of law enforcement, Ernie will pull another trick from up his sleeve to determine whether this was truly a crime of passion, or a pre-planned attack.

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“There are over 800 CCTV cameras in Waikiki, not to mention all the ring, ATM and dashboard cams,” he tells Lucy and Kai.

“I’ve an algorithm scrubbing the feeds as we banter. It’s designed to capture their unique images and only pull footage of them.”

Lucy chimes in: “But you just said we don’t have their faces.”

To which Ernie laughs and responds: “Faces. Where we’re going we don’t need faces.”

Ernie then reveals he has developed new computer software which can identify suspects by their choice of clothing.

As the computer demonstrates how his adjustments have completely stepped up the team’s cyber capabilities, he remarks, “Sometimes even I’m impressed by me.”

While the new algorithm may be just what the team needs for this particular case, it could raise some ethical questions about their surveillance skills further down the line.

Jane might be able to use Ernie’s technology to track down the suspect this time, but could NCIS Hawaii run into trouble in season two if the computer identifies an innocent bystander by their outfit alone?

NCIS Hawaii season 1 continues Mondays on CBS. A UK release date is yet to be announced.

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