Netflix fans can’t get enough of Robert Pattinson’s accent in The King

He may be the new Batman, but Robert Pattinson is generating some conversation for his role in The King.

Directed by David Michod , Netflix historical drama The King follows the trials and tribulations of wayward prince turned stern English monarch Henry V ( Timothee Chalamet ).

The new ruler soon finds himself in a very tense political stand-off with the heir to the French throne, the Dauphin ( Robert Pattinson ), prompting Henry to venture to France to wage war against his new foe.

However, when Henry and the Dauphin come face to face, things get very tense, but not for fans at home, who had one thing on their minds: Robert Pattinson doing a very strong French accent.

Naturally, viewers took to Twitter to air their reactions to his dulcet tones.

One viewer wrote: "Robert Pattinson's fake french accent in The King is hilarious. I can't."

Another said: "i loved the king. i love robert pattinsons goofy ass french accent. good nite"

Meanwhile, one referenced RPatz's Twilight past: "Robert Pattinson as the dauphin in 'The King' is hilarious. What is this French accent? He also looks like he should be one of the Volturi, finally."

One fan noted: "Timothée Chalamet was brilliant in 'The King' but the highlight had to be Robert Patterson's French accent"

Another wrote: "I honestly don't know how any of the actors kept a straight face while Robert Pattinson talked about big balls and a tiny c**k with his French accent LOL. He was perfect as the Dauphin. another scene stealer. #thekingnetflix #theking "

Finally, one said: "Little known fact, Robert Pattinson's French accent in The King is based on René from Allo! Allo!"

Well, it was certainly a highlight!

The King is available now on Netflix.

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