‘No Time to Die’ 007 Star Lashana Lynch Wants to Return in Future James Bond Movies

The No Time to Die movie is almost in theaters. Oct. 8, 2021, can’t come any sooner, and James Bond fans can’t wait to see Daniel Craig‘s last go-around as the spy. But a new name will don Bond’s 007 number: Lashana Lynch portrays Nomi, a new MI6 agent.

Lynch is thrilled to star alongside Craig, but she’s also looking toward the future. The actor revealed she’d like to return for future James Bond movies.

Will ‘No Time to Die’ stream anywhere?

In light of the ongoing streaming trend, many James Bond fans want to watch the new flick from home. And multiple companies have switched their theatrical releases to hybrid streaming premieres.

Universal Pictures switched Halloween Kills to stream on Peacock; Disney will send its recent releases (Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings and Jungle Cruise) to Disney+ in November: Paramount+ will stream the upcoming Paranormal Activity 7. It appears the list of streaming releases goes on.

However, No Time to Die does not have a set streaming premiere. Universal Pictures distributes the film internationally. And the company is no stranger to switching to Peacock. So there is a chance Universal could weigh its options based on box office numbers. However, there is no guarantee.

Could Lashana Lynch return for more Bond movies?

In No Time to Die, Bond briefly retires from MI6, leaving Lynch’s character Nomi to replace him as the new 007. But when he returns to track down a missing scientist, he and Nomi work together.

In previous Bond films, women sometimes symbolized the damsel in distress. But that isn’t the case in modern Bond times. No Time to Die features several women who help the skilled spy. In an interview with Comic Book, Lynch revealed she is looking ahead to additional James Bond films.

“I’m so attached to Nomi, obviously, as you can imagine, but I would love to reacquaint myself with her again. I think for a character like that, it would be worth exploring, obviously. I do think, though, that if we never see her again, her introduction to the franchise and the way that she goes out is just so stylish and makes complete sense to the franchise and also nips things quite well in terms of what I’ve created for the world.”

Nevertheless, producers Barbara Broccoli confessed she isn’t thinking about the future. The producer said she “can’t even think” about replacing Daniel Craig. But when the time comes, hopefully, Lynch can reprise her role.

Lynch said her character is relatable to audiences

Some fans wonder, what’s the hype about Lynch’s character? Despite the fact that she is the first Black woman to rock the 007 number, the actor explained how audiences relate to her character. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Lynch described her character’s empathetic nature. She and Phoebe Waller-Bridge even experimented with various ideas, including a possible scene with Nomi tossing a tampon in the trash.

“It’s her empathy. It is impossible not to connect with her when you’re watching her onscreen. I didn’t want someone who was slick. I wanted someone who was rough around the edges and who has a past and a history and has issues with her weight and maybe questions what’s going on with her boyfriend.”

The cast of No Time to Die experienced multiple bumps in the road. Craig had an ankle injury, and Ana de Armas had a fluctuating filming schedule. But they pulled through. Now, No Time to Die hits theaters on Oct. 8.

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