Obsessed Avengers: Infinity War fan watches the movie 43 times at the cinema

OK, we’ve all seen a movie we really like more than once in the cinema – we’re talking twice, maybe three times at a real stretch.

However, this guy may have just taken it to the extreme.

One Marvel obsessive has seen Avengers: Infinity War 43 – yes FORTY-THREE – times in the cinema since its release. And we wonder why it’s making so much money.

Twitter user @NemRaps has been chronicling his repeat visits to the cinema to the see the blockbuster, and we don’t know how he has the stamina, to be honest.

We mean, how can you relive that shocking ending that many times?! That’s torture.

Still, we admire his perseverance, as do other users on Twitter:

Perhaps he’s trying to reach… Infinity?

Back to that heartbreaking ending (sorry guys), it turns out that you can buy the ashes of one of the movie’s deceased characters – because the internet is weird like that.

However, in more uplifting Avengers news, it has been revealed that Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn wrote one of Infinity War’s funniest scenes.

Meanwhile, unlike @NemRaps, we’re kind of over Infinity War now, and are focusing on Avengers 4, which Thor actor Chris Hemsworth has teased will be “more shocking” than Infinity War.

Avengers: Infinity War is out now. Book tickets here.

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