Our Yorkshire Farm: Amanda Owens son Reuben forced to spend time away from family

Our Yorkshire Farm: Reuben forced to self-isolate

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On Tuesday, Our Yorkshire Farm viewers were left gutted after the Channel 5 series came to an end. The programme follows farmers Amanda Owen, husband Clive and their nine children as they go about their day-to-day duties running Ravenseat Farm.

The latest instalment saw Amanda and her children welcoming a new horse to the farm.

The family recently lost their pony called Tony, so Amanda wanted to surprise her children on the episode by introducing them to a new horse called Hazel.

Viewers watched as Amanda and Clive also waved goodbye to their youngest daughter, Nancy who began her first day of school.

Poor Reuben was also forced to self-isolate away from his family after he tested positive for COVID-19 first.

As the children were about to head back to school, they took a lateral flow test to see if they had caught the virus.

“The life at Ravenseat has taken yet another turn,” Clive explained.

“Coronavirus finally did come to Ravenseat. Our position, our location I believe, made us safer than most people.

“But this virus can move around and finally it has got us.”

As 11-year-old Violet read out their lateral flow results, she revealed to her dad she had tested positive for the virus.

This meant Violet would need to self-isolate like Reuben, who had hidden away from his family in The Shepherd’s Hut.

“It’s so boring,” the teenager admitted. “Just sat doing nothing all day.

“I have been pretty ill with it. It’s not a very nice thing to have.”

As Reuben looked out the window, he continued: “It’s a lovely day today and I am stuck in here.

“At least down here, I am out the way.

“I can’t give everyone else it if I am sat down here. I have been well looked after by the little ones.

“They keep bringing me stuff down to the door and leaving.”

“Hopefully it’ll clear up and that’ll be up,” Reuben added.

The teenager’s younger sisters were looking after Reuben by bringing him food.

“We’re going to bring Reuben his dinner,” Clive said as they poured a tin of beans and sausages into a saucepan.

“We’re going to make his favourite, beans on toast.”

As they served up the meal for their brother, Clive carried the tray down to Reuben’s hut.

Our Yorkshire Farm is available to catch up on My5 now.

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