Our Yorkshire Farm star Clive Owen speaks on disagreements with son Reuben

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Channel 5 followed the lives of the Owen family as they spent lockdown farming in one of the most remote farms in the country. As the family worked together, patriarch Clive Owen opened up on the struggle of working with one of his nine children.

In episode six of season five, fans watched as Clive worked alongside his 18-year-old son Reuben who was in the digger attempting to dam the bank.

Clive remarked: “We work well together, we don’t agree on everything but that wouldn’t do if we did.

“It hopefully finds the best way of doing something,” the 67-year-old added, “He works things out, he’s got a good head on his shoulders and he can see a job and see a solution, he’s a good lad.

The episode also showed the two butting heads about which direction Reuben should build the dam to stop the river encroaching on the family’s hay meadows.

They had their own idea of what would work best as Clive suggested: “I think you should be blocking it there.”

While Reuben knocked the idea and responded: “Doesn’t matter yet, we’re going to dig out.”

Despite this, Clive gave his reasoning: “But you got to kind of turn it, “ as the 18-year-old interrupted, “we’re going to make it wide.”

Reuben attempted to reassure his father and added: “The more narrow it is the faster it’ll flow,” while Clive spoke to the camera and remarked, “plenty of arguing.”

Speaking on their occasional disagreements Clive stated: “Although I’m the parent, I believe what I tell them – we’re also mates and it’s great fun to be with them.”

After successfully building the dam, Reuben lifted the lid on his relationship with his father claiming they “get on quite well.”

He also admitted: “Farming’s never massively been my thing, but digging and construction machinery is so it’s nice that me and my dad now have something we both really enjoy.

Reuben had previously shared his passion on the show as he left the farm to study a mechanic apprenticeship.

Elsewhere in the episode, Amanda highlighted one of the other major developments in her family and shared that all three of her youngest children were in school.

Which Clive acknowledged and stated: “It’s a big step for Nancy and it’s a big step for us too.”

At just four years old Nancy, the youngest of the family started school for the first time.

Speaking on the milestone, Amanda told Channel 5 viewers: ”It will be nice for her to go to school and you know, learn about the big wide world.”

Throughout the series, fans have seen other major milestones including the oldest daughter Raven Owen, 20, who became a student at the University of York.

Our Yorkshire Farm season six has been confirmed as Chanel 5 confirmed it would be returning to screens in 2022.

Thankfully for fans, production had already started, however, a release date has yet to be revealed.

The remainder of season five will give fans an insight into how the family continued farming through the harsh winter weather.

Our Yorkshire Farm is available to watch on My5.

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