Paddy McGuinness reveals £7.2million fortune didn’t make him happy but stint at The Priory for therapy saved his life – The Sun

PADDY McGuinness revealed that his £7.2million fortune didn't make him happy – but a stint at The Priory for therapy did.

The Top Gear presenter, 44, decided to go to the famous rehab facility to confront his fear of flying, as the BBC motor show takes him all over the world.

But Paddy revealed that while he went in to face that fear, the therapist actually helped him work through his other problems.

"I went in for one thing, but over the sessions all this other stuff that tied into that anxiety about flying came out, which he tapped into," he told The Mirror.

"I'd never thought about it and would never think in a million years it would have come up. It wasn't a quick fix, it went on for a few months actually, but it was amazing."

Paddy said going to therapy wasn't the done thing where the working class area of Bolton where he grew up.

"Especially from a background where you've got nothing, you feel, 'I'd like a nice car, I'd like a nice house and I'd like nice clothes', that's what you think when you're younger.

"And you get all those things and you think to yourself, 'Oh right, life's great'. But it's only when you see someone who taps into other stuff you realise, actually, that's not the be-all and end-all."

Paddy and wife Christine are both busy being carers for their kids: six-year-old twins Leo and Penelope, and three-year-old Felicity, who all have autism.

However, Christine recently said their relationship is better than ever as they can split the family duties this time.

Talking about lockdown life with her husband Paddy while appearing on Loose Women, Christine said: "It’s been really strange because I thought we’d have hated this.

"If you’d have told me a few months ago, I’d have said ‘Absolutely not, you cannot put me in lockdown with him!'

"I would have thought we would have hated it, but we are getting on so well.

"I think it’s because this is the first time we are doing everything 50/50.

"The things we used to bicker about was mainly how much he would be away from home or if I wanted to work and couldn’t because he was away, it was like little things whereas now we’re both stay at home parents.

"We’re both doing the same amount of cooking, cleaning, childcare, bedtimes, so there’s nothing really to argue about. But don’t get me wrong, I want him to go back to work!”

Back in February, Christine revealed she has "no time" to be a couple with her husband after becoming full-time carers to their children.

“There’s no time for us as a couple. But we have to stay strong for our kids," she told OK! magazine.

During the chat Christine also revealed her "heart's breaking" for her three autistic children as they're finding lockdown "really difficult".

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