Peter Andre’s wife Emily calls him ‘cringe’ as she reveals the kids 'call him that all the time'

PETER Andre’s wife Emily teased him in their latest YouTube video as she called him "cringe" – admitting the kids "call him that all the time".

Doctor Emily revealed her husband has "a massive reputation for being cringe" as they opened up about their marriage to fans.

Peter, 47, and Emily, 31, share children Amelia, seven, and four-year-old Theo, but they also co-parent Pete's kids Junior, 15, and Princess, 13, with his ex wife Katie Price.

In their latest video on YouTube channel The Andres, the couple took part in a Mr and Mrs challenge where they had to answer intimate questions about their relationship to find out who knows each other best.

One question that flashed up was: "Who is the cringiest?" and both stars agreed – holding up cards that said "Peter".

The Mysterious Girl singer admitted: "I mean, I am the cringiest."

But doting wife Emily quickly added: "I don't actually think you're cringey! But the kids call you cringe."

Peter added: "Bista (Princess) calls me cringe …I'm dying in this!"

His wife tried to play down his embarrassment: "Princess writes it in his birthday card. It's quite endearing though! You're endearing cringe."

He added: "No I am cringe. I cringe when I hear things back that I say."

Last year Emily revealed just how close she is to husband Peter’s children.

Despite having two children of her own with the Mysterious Girl singer, doctor Emily has worked hard over her nine-year relationship with Pete to form strong bonds with Princess and her older brother Junior.

The NHS worker's step-parenting success is partly thanks to the "harmonious" relationship with Katie Price she’s formed over text.

A source told The Sun Online: “They text occasionally to do with the children and [Emily] would never cross the line, which is what makes things very harmonious. Hearing [Katie] say positive stuff about Emily helps with the relationship too.

“It can be a little up and down but for the majority of the time everyone gets on and respects each other.”

Clearly amicable and with shared interests in the children, mum-of-five Katie recently praised Emily for her work on the coronavirus front-line, saying she was “grateful” for the medic and felt “blessed”.

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