Peter Weber Fully Knows He Is the ”Butt of the Joke”

Raise your hand if you’ve ever physically cringed after watching one of Peter Weber’s dancing TikToks. Welcome, friends. You are not alone! I, too, have felt personally victimized by Peter’s lack of rhythm, but you know what? Peter DGAF because he knows what everyone has been saying about him, and he’s not letting it stop his fancy so-so footwork.

According to Us Weekly sources, “Peter is not bothered in the slightest that he is the butt of the joke on TikTok.” Honestly, good for him! The source added, “He’s well aware of it. He reads the comments that fans leave and sees the videos that people make poking fun at his posts.”

If you haven’t witnessed him in action, feast your eyes on what 20+ women were fighting over:

There’s also this one:

He’s at it again…🤣

So far, fellow Bachelor Nation alums like Connor Saeli and Tyler Cameron have savagely dragged his moves, but like that source said, Peter is not bothered! He’s living it up in his cushy home, raking in the Bachelor checks, and hanging out with Kelley Flanagan. He’s “winning,” as some would say.

And for further proof that Peter is super secure with himself, he recently posted a video of him reading all the shady comments people send him, and it’s nothing short of amazing.

Some personal faves: “Peter, don’t ever do this again,” “I didn’t think I could watch something worse than his season, but I was wrong,” and “This triggered my fight or flight.”

“At the end of the day, he’s having fun with it and being creative,” the source added. Keep laughing to the bank, Peter.

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