Phillip Schofield tells woman who ‘stole’ her own sofa to ‘stop swearing’

This Morning viewers were left in hysterics today as a woman revealed how she ‘stole’ her own sofa from House of Fraser.

Fiona Boston was interviewed in the studio on the dream sofa she thought she would never see again.

The house-proud grandmother paid £1,500 for the sofa and £700 for cushions and a pouffe, but never received them as House of Fraser went into administration just days later.

This has left Fiona and husband Alan, who "nearly snuffed it at Christmas" after a brain aneurysm, sitting on deck chairs in their living room.

"They were ignorant…," said Fiona, who had to pause to stop herself from swearing live on air.

Fiona decided she was fed up of waiting for the sofa, so arranged for her son-in-law Keith to collect it from the Darlington store in his van with some friends.

She explained: "I said I’ve had enough. I’ve absolutely had it up to here with them. Alan was so weak. Saturday morning I woke up and said I’m having my suite."

Fiona and her assembled squad went into the store, up two floors, and were helped by staff to get hold of the sofa.

But they didn’t get far as the police stopped the van a mile down the road after House of Fraser called 999.

Fiona said: "Obviously they swerved in front of Keith in his van. I’ve stopped behind them and gone bloody hell. I said talk to me, I’ve got the receipts in my hands, it’s my gig.

"I said I’ve not bloody stolen it."

Holly Willoughby couldn’t stop giggling, but Phillip Schofield gave his guest a bit of a telling off.

"Stop swearing," said Phil, leading Fiona to apologise.

Fiona then revealed that she was still waiting for her puffy and cushions to be sent to her.

She added: "And they charged me delivery. I mean howay I blooming collected it. I want it all back."

This Morning viewers were left in hysterics and took to Twitter to lend their support to Fiona.

One viewer said: "I’m sat here crying with laughing at the mum who made off with a sofa on #thismorning who is swearing like a trooper"

"Hahaha this is hilarious and good on the women for doing that. Sick of millionaire companies ripping people off," added another.

A third said: "Pretty sure this sofa woman is my new idol. What a ledge. Get her on gogglebox (on her new sofa)"

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