Phoebe Dynevor Struggles With Pressure Amid Her Rise to Fame Following Bridgerton Success

The Duchess of Hastings depicter talks about her ‘fear of failure’ as she is plagued with anxiety following the huge success of her Netflix period series.

AceShowbizPhoebe Dynevor is “full of anxiety” after rising to fame in “Bridgerton“.

The actress – who already had a taste of fame thanks to her “Coronation Street” actress mother Sally Dynevor – was launched into superstardom by the hugely popular Netflix period drama.

Speaking to Harper’s Bazaar magazine, the star admitted she has a “fear of failure.”

“I don’t think anyone knows how to handle that. I worry about everything,” she revealed. “I’m full of anxiety. I have a fear of failure, letting someone down, contradicting myself. You see what it is for your mental health to be in the public eye.”

“I meditate, I have a therapist, I walk every day. There are things I do to ground myself, because it’s quite hectic at the moment.”

Phoebe explained that, while the “highs can be really high” and the “lows can be really low,” she focuses on finding a “middle ground.”

“It’s finding that middle ground and centring oneself,” she added. “It’s really important for me and my sanity to work on projects that I love and develop characters that I think are really interesting – that’s the excitement for me.”

The star – who appeared in the likes of “Younger“, “Waterloo Road“, and “Snatch” before landing her breakout role as Daphne Bridgerton – admitted she didn’t expect the show to be so successful and, because of the pandemic, she didn’t realise the extent of her success until lockdown measures ended.

“We were all in lockdown, stuck at home and nothing changed,” she explained. “In the first season, people were saying to me, ‘You know, this could be huge,’ but you don’t ever believe that, and you will never understand what it feels like until it happens to you.”

“It’s quite out-of-body and weird. It was only when we started being able to leave the house again and there were photographers outside – which was really scary – that I realised if I went out in my pyjamas, there might be someone taking pictures.”

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