Piers Morgan believes coronavirus crisis has 'made him a better person'

There’s very few positives to take out of the coronavirus crisis – but Piers Morgan has admitted his continued fight for the NHS amid the virus has made him a better person.

In a surprisingly emotional chat with Hassan Akkad – a filmmaker-turned-hospital cleaner who called for the NHS bereavement scheme to be extended to the low-paid workers who succumb to the virus – Piers admitted he has reassessed his own beliefs as a result of the pandemic. 

Hassan, originally from Syria, is currently working on the NHS frontline for just £8.50 an hour, and aided a campaign that caused a government u-turn on Wednesday on their scheme, giving families of bereaved immigrant workers security in the country. 

Initially, it didn’t include lower paid workers, but now the scheme will also cover cleaners, porters, social care staff and care home staff, coming into effect immediately and retrospectively. 

After speaking to him about the changes in the scheme, Piers said: ‘You’re such an eloquent voice, I think, for so many people, for all the cleaners, the porters, the cooks that everybody, frankly, who works in the health system, and you do it for £8.50 an hour.

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‘Quite extraordinary that you would come from Syria, and risk your life for £8.50 an hour to help us.’ 

He then scalded viewers who were saying that we ‘wouldn’t get the same treatment in Syria’ and told them to stop it, adding to Hassan: ‘I value you, and I think everybody watching, every decent person, values what you are doing, and we appreciate you.’ 

‘I value you too Piers,’ Hassan responded. ‘And I have to say that you have changed recently and I am really proud of you.’ 

‘Well, you know what? We can all be better people after this, Hassan. I do not exclude myself. I think it’s brought so much perspective, I really do,’ Piers admitted. 

The TV host continued: ‘It has changed me a bit, actually, I have to say. Made me look at things in a different way, and it’s made me look at what we as a society value in a different way, and how materialistic we’ve become. 

‘How petty, how kind of obsessed with culture wars and division and toxicity, all that kind of thing.’ 

‘A virus, a common enemy like this, if it doesn’t change everything, I don’t know what does,’ he concluded.

Wow you guys, if you look out the window today you might see some pigs flying overhead. 2020 really is a gamechanger, isn’t it?! 

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