Please go! Ruth Langsford begs Ukrainian newsreader as siren interrupts Loose Women chat

Ukraine: Reporter abruptly ends interview due to an air raid

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Loose Women panellists Ruth Langsford, Frankie Bridge, Janet Street-Porter and Kelle Bryan were joined by Marichka Padalko to get an insight into what the current situation in Ukraine is like and how she is coping with the coverage. After explaining to the ladies that she and her team had moved to their backup studio in an undisclosed location, Marichka had to cut the ladies short as evacuation sirens were sounded.

As Ruth kicked off the interview and began to speak with Marichka about how she was feeling, their chat was interrupted as she revealed she had to make an emergency broadcast.

She explained: “I work at the backup studio, and we have to pick up and fill in every time we have an alert in Kyiv.

“Guys, I know we have been preparing for this interview for a long time and making arrangements, but what we are hearing now in the studio is that the airstrike was just announced in the studio.

“I am having to live broadcast now, which means I have three minutes only to fill in, that’s why I am here, but unfortunately, I have to say goodbye and maybe join you on another occasion.”

Ruth understood and said: “Absolutely, we totally understand, so you’re saying the sirens have gone off and you are told there is an airstrike coming?”

Marichka explained: “Gone off in the place of where we are broadcasting right now, in a different place, so we are the back-up studio so we have to fill in because they cannot broadcast any longer.

“That is why I am saying goodbye, we never expected it to happen, but it has happened.”

Ruth told her: “Please go, be safe, you and your colleagues, please go we will try and get back to you if we can.”

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