Power season 6 theories: Ramona did NOT shoot Ghost as fans spot huge clue

Power fans have had their doubts about Ramona Garrity (played by Cynthia Addai-Robinson) ever since she made her debut on the Starz series. Now, with her new boyfriend James ‘Ghost’ St Patrick (Omari Hardwick) killed in his own nightclub, several viewers thought she was the one to shoot him and expect her to be exposed as the killer in the series finale on February 9. However, a few clues have emerged that appear to clear her name.

Theories suggesting Ramona was the one to shoot Ghost have circulated ever since the kingpin was seen falling from the balcony of truth in season six, episode 10.

Not only have some fans predicted she acted in revenge for Breeze, but others have suggested she is the ‘sister’ of murdered lawyer Terry Silver (Brandon Victor Dixon).

Another Power fan theory even suggests she killed Ghost as part of a plot to avenge Rolla (Darrell Britt-Gibson).

However, if a clue picked up by some fans in episode 13 of the final ever series on Starz is anything to go by, Ramona was not the one to pull the trigger.


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The main clue to convince fans Ramona wasn’t Ghost’s killer was to do with Tommy Egan (Joseph Sikora).

In episode 13, Tommy rushed to Truth to try and save his best friend but was too late and discovered Ghost’s wounded body lying on the floor.

Tommy tried to comfort his pal before peering up to the balcony and seeing (presumably) Ghost’s killer.

When Tommy lifted his gun to take aim at the mystery character, Ghost pleaded with him to “let it go” and he responded by lowering his weapon.

Bearing in mind the fact Tommy holds no loyalty to Ramona and the fact they don’t have a relationship, would he really have lowered his gun? Not everyone’s convinced.

One fan pointed out on Twitter: “How could it be Ramona and Tommy didn’t shoot her? He would not have hesitated, was one time.

“For him to be shocked and not shoot and listen to Ghost must be Tasha or Tariq. If not then they did Tommy’s character an injustice and I’ll be mad.”

A second agreed: “Yea. Tommy would have shot her 1 time. Have to be Tariq.”

Another Power viewer also picked up on the point and tweeted: “Also Ramona did not shoot ghost. It was clear from tonight’s episode.”

A second clue to clear Ramona’s name is what she said to Ghost in the moments before his death.

Ramona told James in episode 10: “Should I meet you back at your hotel?” to which Ghost agreed.

If fans were to take Ramona’s comment at face value, then surely she would’ve left Truth and can’t have shot him.

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It’s a clue that several do indeed believe, with one fan commenting: “Ramona did not shoot Ghost.

“She wasn’t even in the building when the man got shot. #PowerTV.”

And a second saying: “Ramona or Q DID NOT SHOOT GHOST… stop that narrative right now!”

Will Ramona be cleared once and for all in the series finale?

Power season 6 concludes on Sunday, February 9 on Starz and Monday, February 10 on Netflix UK.

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