Prince Charles set to make reality TV show appearance in ITV series finale

Keeping Up with the Aristocrats: Lord Ivar stresses over opening

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Royal Family fans will be delighted to learn the Prince of Wales will feature on the upcoming and final episode of Keeping Up with the Aristocrats, which explores what really goes on behind closed doors over one summer’s social season for the prominent families. The ITV series will certainly be ending on a significant episode as Prince Charles is captured on camera in conversation.

The scenes were filmed in Harrogate at The Great Yorkshire Show, in which Prince Charles can be seen speaking to two of the main stars of the show, Lord Gerald and Lady Emma Fitzalan-Howard.

The series has looked into the secret lives of people such as Lord Ivar Mountbatten and his husband James Coyle, Lord and Lady Fitzalan-Howard, Princess Olga Romanoff, and many others.

The synopsis for the upcoming instalment reads: “In this final episode, Lord and Lady Fitzalan-Howard get the surprise of their lives when they bump into Prince Charles at the Great Yorkshire Show.

“They’re window shopping for a new herd of cattle when Prince Charles stops to offer some words of advice – leaving the Fitzalan-Howards gobsmacked!

“Equally stunned is James when husband Lord Ivar Mountbatten reveals his surprise birthday present – a paramotoring flight over Bridwell.

“Dangling at 1,000 feet is not what James had in mind for his big day, especially when he watches Lord Ivar heading straight for an oak tree.

“Also celebrating is Princess Olga Romanoff, who’s hosting her 70th birthday party at Provender House.”

The description also explains that Lady Colin Campbell, also known as Lady C, will be making an appearance too.

Princess Olga is set to be whisked off for a ‘date night of the dynasties’ when she’s introduced to William Guggenheim by the Fitzalan-Howards.

Recent episodes in the series saw a backlash from viewers, who deemed the programme “insensitive”.

Due to how many had been left struggling due to the pandemic, some viewers slammed the premise of the show.

In episode one, Princess Olga Andreevna Romanoff, a descendant of the House of Romanov, explained how her mother wanted her to marry Prince Charles.

She revealed: “My mother always had delusions that she could get me married off to poor Prince Charles.

“That obviously wasn’t going to happen,” with her daughter Alexandra looking to her and quipping: “Thank God!”

Olga continued: “Because I was the wrong religion and a lot of other things but [my] mother was determined that this was going to happen. God knows why.

“I would have been terrible for him; He definitely had a lucky escape.”

Describing her perfect man to her daughter, Olga listed: “Tall, blonde, thin, the type of man I’ve always liked is a trained killer, ex-SAD, ex-Special Forces.

Keeping Up With The Aristocrats returns next Monday at 9pm on ITV.

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