Reza Explodes on Man Accusing His Husband of Sexual Harassment, Reprimands Adam Too

Water flies, fists are nearly thrown before MJ is accused of orchestrating the entire controversy.

Reza Farahan was firing on all cylinders Sunday night, as he confronted his husband about being inappropriate with other men, as well as one of the guys accusing Adam of sexual harassment.

In case you missed last week’s "Shahs of Sunset" season premiere, Destiney Rose met up with a friend named Ali Ashouri, who alleged Adam had been sharing nude photos and playing strip Jenga with other men behind Reza’s back. She shared that intel with Mike Shouhed, before the two of them had a private conversation with Reza about it. The episode ended with Reza confronting Adam.

Sunday’s episode picked up at that moment, with Adam initially denying he played strip Jenga with anyone and getting angry Reza was even listening to information from Ali, who they had previously cut off contact with after he had been "shit talking" them in the past. "Why am I even engaging in this conversation if it’s coming from him?" asked Adam, before going to their bedroom and locking the door.

Reza followed him, but the cameras didn’t. Viewers then listened to their conversation continue.

Adam: "What I think Ali’s talking about. You were out of town and Corey and Marvin came over. And I jokingly told Ali that we were playing strip games."

Reza: "You have to be really the stupidest person on earth to do those things … don’t blame anyone other than yourself and Ali, who you befriended and I warned you about it. You let him way too deep into our lives. You’re either a dick, an idiot or intentionally trying to hurt me. There’s nothing for me to say right now."

Reza then tried to get to the bottom of the issue with a disastrous meeting between him, Ali and Destiney. During this conversation, Mercedes Javid’s name was finally brought into the situation, as Ali claimed MJ told him Reza and Adam were "not happy" in their marriage. This will be a very important piece of the puzzle going forward.

Claiming he wasn’t being malicious, Ali said if he were in Reza’s shoes, he’d want to know everything. "Adam has, when we were friends, he would send me really inappropriate text messages all the time, every day, a couple times a day," Ali claimed. "It was to the point of me being sexually harassed."

Hearing Ali say the words "sexual harassment" had Reza seething. "Sexually harassed? Are you crazy?! You think you’re gonna come here and tell me my husband sexually harassed you?" he replied. "I don’t know who the f–k you think you’re talking to but check yourself and stop talking to me crazy. If you say harassment one more time, I’m gonna knock you into mother f–king next week."

Like a good reality star, however, Ali came prepared — and started throwing out printouts of his text messages with Adam. While Reza told Ali that Adam sends messages like that to everyone, including straight friend Mike Shouhed, he admitted they were "super inappropriate" in a confessional.

"That makes me uncomfortable," Ali said of the texts. "Then why didn’t you discontinue being his friend?" Reza shot back, "You are a piece of shit." Then, to Destiney, he added, "If you wanna be friends with him, you’re not gonna be friends with me and this goes with the group."

Ali then claimed Adam was "cruising" for other men at the gym and "harassing other people" too. That really incensed Reza, who then threw water in Ali’s face, lunged at him and pushed him in his chair. "Who is he harassing, you f–king liar?!" he shouted, "Get the f–k out of my face."

Reza then stormed away from the table and called MJ, asking if she told Ali to confront him about Adam’s behavior and making it clear he was pissed she told Ali he and Adam "don’t have a good relationship." MJ, however, was in the hospital after justing have a baby and couldn’t continue the conversation.

Calling Ali a "bottom dwelling piece of shit," Reza told Destiney she better not be friends with him anymore, or their own friendship would be over. He then texted everyone else in their friend group with the same demand. "Please let me know if you’re going to continue maintaining a relationship with him, so we can terminate ours," he group messaged the cast.

Fresh from that heated conversation, Reza then had another awkward chat with his husband, after taking a day to think everything over.

"I want to talk about why my husband is so dumb," he said to him. "You don’t understand boundaries. Maybe you have some compulsive sexual problem. I met with Ali and he showed me all of the text messages. You should not be, as a married man, talking to anybody like that. You look like an idiot and you look like you’re disrespecting your husband and your marriage. Why are you texting like that with your friend? Why are you texting him some in depth sexual questions?"

While Adam said he thought they were just "joking," Reza wasn’t having it. Adam then said he didn’t feel like his husband was "listening" to him.

"Because this isn’t my time to listen, this is my time to express how I’m feeling about how stupid my husband is," Reza shot back. "That’s gonna end today or you’re gonna be divorced. I sat across from a guy who said you were sexually harassing him. Because of the things you did, I was humiliated. How could you be so careless and reckless?"

Adam then said he was "disgusted" in himself and what he did, but also called out Destiney for going to Reza directly with the information instead of sitting down with both of them. Reza then got fired up about MJ again, saying he was "furious" she would share any personal information about his marriage with someone like Ali.

The conversation ended with Reza telling his husband to "Please, do not, under any circumstance text anything sexual to anyone other than me."

The episode ended with Golnesa "GG" Gharachedaghi dropping a new bomb about the entire controversy, saying she had her own off-camera convo with Ali, where he "[implied] that MJ put Ali and Destiney up to" everything, pulling the strings behind the scenes. "Are you kidding me?!" Destiney replied when GG asked her whether anything was "planned" ahead of time — adding that she and MJ "never" talked about the rumors beforehand.

While all of this was going on, MJ was in the hospital after getting induced early. While viewers could see Reza at least texted with MJ’s husband, Tommy, after he told him how difficult the childbirth was and how MJ won’t be able to have more children, she claimed she never heard from Reza herself while she was in recovery.

"Shahs of Sunset" airs Sundays on Bravo.

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