RHOP's Candiace Dillard Apologizes for Past Homophobic Tweets: 'It Isn't Acceptable'

Dillard explained that she hopes her mistakes will be a "teachable" moment for "those who are willing to listen and learn as it has been for me."

"It's imperative that we love more, have empathy, and search for understanding. I am truly sorry for my comments and I only ask for patience and understanding as I strive to evolve as a person," Dillard concluded.

PEOPLE is out to Bravo for comment.

Dillard's apology was well received by some fans, who applauded her for addressing her past behavior.

"Glad you addressed it but you've never been anything but kind to me and good to me as a fan. We all make mistakes. I am still your STAN!" one fan wrote.

"We can't expect progress without accepting growth. I'm glad this was called out and addressed — but your recent actions have show unwavering support for the community so people should not focus on cancelling someone that has changed," another fan tweeted.

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