Richard Madeley admits seeing 'warning signs' he needed space from wife Judy Finnigan in lockdown

RICHARD Madeley has admitted he could see the “warning signs” when he needed space from his wife Judy Finnigan during lockdown.

The 64-year-old, who has been married to Judy since 1986, explained it was “instinctive” for people who have been together so long, so they managed to avoid irritating each other too much while stuck at home.

He told the Metro: “We’ve been married a long time so without actually saying, ‘Oh, you’re getting on my nerves, I need space,’ we almost know instinctively. 

“You start to see the warning signs. I think that’s probably true of a lot of older married couples.”

The couple are well versed in spending lots of time together because they worked as a presenting duo for many years.

They fronted This Morning from its inception in 1988 up until 2001, when they then landed their own chat show – simply called Richard & Judy – which aired from 2001 to 2009.

In recent years Richard has returned to TV and often steps in on GMB, but Judy has shied away from the limelight. 

However, Richard has revealed they will work together again as he teased a new project.

He said: “We were having a conversation only yesterday about a project that might involve the two of us working together again. 

“It wouldn’t be daily television like This Morning or The Richard And Judy Show, it would be something a bit gentler.”

Meanwhile, Richard has also volunteered to replace Piers Morgan on GMB after his dramatic departure last month. 

"If the phone went and they said, ‘Would you come in and talk?’ of course I would talk to them," Richard told the Metro.

"It would be bonkers not to.”

But he added that he does just like sitting in for people because there isn’t so much “responsibility or flak”.

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